Hey, I'm Kris!

I'm a Digital Marketing Consultant and I help female entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants to market yourself better.

I made my passion for marketing a reality and have been working for global brands in advertising and digital marketing agencies around the world helping them attract more customers to their business.


I’m here to give you the support you need that I wish I’d had back then

Because I know just too well how it feels when you’re unsure about which ideas to focus on to get your biz in front of the right audience and you have nobody really to talk to who gets it. So let’s get you the results you’re after, grow your impact and grow your income.


Why helping you stand out from the crowd is part of my DNA

It all started when I was born in East Germany behind the Berlin Wall, or the 'wrong side of the Wall’ as I used to call it.

 That's me (front) with my mum Ilona and my sister Susan in front of the Brandenburger Gate, East Berlin, 1988 (excuse my haircut, haha).

That's me (front) with my mum Ilona and my sister Susan in front of the Brandenburger Gate, East Berlin, 1988 (excuse my haircut, haha).

East Germany was run as a communist regime that suppressed any influence from the western world.


Standing out as a kid was life threatening

I was raised to play it safe because it was dangerous to stand out in the system I lived in. My parents protected me and my sister by implanting fear in us that we could be thrown into jail if we stood out from the crowd. They told us to never speak against the system and never draw attention to ourselves. This fear was rooted so deeply in me while that growing up that I was scared to be bold or adventurous. I was scared to break the law, try something forbidden or break the rules. And as a result I perceived myself to be a very boring person.


I grew up without brands or a T V

(or social media)

The government was the only business that produced and labeled products that filled the shelves. There was one type of milk, bread and eggs.

Everything was uniform, designed to make nothing and nobody stand out as there was no free market.

My great uncle lived in West Germany, and then one Christmas, after a year long application process and due to my dad’s job, I was privileged to travel to see him. West Germany was influenced by the Americans and things over there were different. So different that it would change my life forever.


My life changed at the age of 5


And so it happened that at 5 years of age I found myself in Wertkauf (later Walmart), in West Germany with 10 Deutsche Mark in my hand surrounded by shiny products on towering shelves, shooting up to the sky.

I cannot begin to describe how it felt standing inside the department store.

I found it fascinating that every product was trying to ‘market’ itself to me in a different way to me to get my 10 Deutsche Mark and for the first time ever, I could choose what I wanted. I chose a white skateboard with red wheels. For me the skateboard represented freedom and I couldn’t wait to skate around on the grey streets of East Germany.

  This is the skateboard.

This is the skateboard.

I was hooked on brands

From that point on I became obsessed by brands with their colourful packaging and fonts, stickers, and messages  on crinkly wrappers. My uncle sent more chocolate in the post and I studied the messaging on the package for hours. So I started collecting wrapping paper from the chocolate bars, pressing them between the pages of my maths books before gluing them into my ‘Bible’ (the book I kept all pretty wrappers, magazine ads and even fruit stickers in).


Turning my passion into reality

When the Wall came down, I wasted no time in following my passion - I went to New York to intern as a graphic designer. After returning to Germany I continued with my for another two years but realised I wanted to go deeper and find out what makes people buy. Plus I wanted to learn things about business and how to make money.


I set my eyes on the world’s number one advertising school, Miami Ad School, Hamburg

Miami Ad school was completely out of my league, with tuition fees over $50,000 and spots for 9 students only. But I was determined to get in so I decided to apply anyway (without telling anyone).

To my surprise I was accepted and guess what - they waived the tuition fees! In exchange I worked part time at the school before and after my classes.

The school was different because we were taught first hand by creative directors, marketing managers and head copywriters from renowned ad agencies.

From day one I worked in some of Germany’s biggest advertising agencies on real client briefs and budgets. I learnt pretty fast that the only thing that matters is how you make your customers feel.

As part of the experience I spent the winter working in the best ad agency of Stockholm, then I went to do the same in Berlin and finally London.


I won the Oscar of advertising for my work, a Cannes lion, before I graduated Miami Ad School

After that experience, I set my sights on becoming really successful with a high paying position in advertising. So after I graduated I went straight back to London.

I made a name for myself and was always fully booked to help big brands attract more customers with creative marketing strategies people loved.


I won my last agency a $50 Million pitch but I was unhappy

Eventually, with more and more success came the realization of what my future would look like if I pushed my career in advertising any further: more meetings in boring meeting rooms, cab rides to corporate client’s offices during rush hour, 4am flights to attend meetings in Geneva, more cab rides squeezed in with 5 team members stuck in traffic, waiting on reception sofas for the client to come and get us, more boring meeting rooms with grey carpets, uncomfortable meetings on bean bags, more uncomfortable hour long client workshops over two days - and I didn't want more of that in my life.



My heart was telling me to get out and to turn my passion into a paycheck

The anxiety around meetings in my old job started to take over my head. My stomach turned every time I got an invite to another meeting to a point, where I was trying to avoid meetings altogether. So I let go of the idea and focused on how I wanted to live my life instead. Fate played into my hands as I was made redundant a month later and received a massive payout.

With the money in my bank I started the pursuit my path as a female entrepreneur. But there were roadblocks - MASSIVE roadblocks I needed to work through first.


“Success isn’t meant for people like YOU”

One of the roadblocks was caused while growing up by my dad. His standard phrases to me were “The economy will collapse because of dreamers like you. Why don’t you get a real job?” and “People like us aren’t meant to have success.” And when I failed on my journey to become an entrepreneur, it gave him the confirmation that this was the way it was meant to be. And I failed a lot.

He didn’t encourage me to follow my dreams because he was was never told to follow his dreams (because of his DDR past and the strict regime in East Germany in the 80’s).

So I had to become my own permission-giver and not depend on what people thought of me. I learnt to brush things off  like “See, I told you it’s not possible” and move forward instead, focused on my goal.


I never gave myself permission to be successful

I always wanted to be rich and never have to worry about money. To be able to renovate my granny's house into a luxurious temple she could grow old in happily. But one day I realised that I had never actually given myself permission to go after my success, or money.

Because my parents were unhappy with their jobs (constantly complaining, feeling like victims, never happy with anything and always broke) I played small too.

And I played down my successes just to fit in and not hurt their feelings by earning more money than them (I was the highest earner in my family by far!).


I started my own biz to have control and financial freedom

Deep down I knew I had the potential to be a successful female entrepreneur, building my own business and making a real IMPACT on people's lives.

When people around me complaint about how hard life is and how hard it is to make money I don’t want to listen because I get a flashback to what it was like growing up. And I know that I’ve come a long way to work on my mindset to become the person I wanted to become, which is HARD work. And I know that money comes to you if you’re willing to put in the work, if you’re a nice person and if you know how to market yourself to the right people.


I’m fully committed to help your biz stand out from the crowd

Now I don’t think of myself as a ‘boring person’ anymore and I’m proud that I’ve always followed my heart and tried to achieve my dreams.

I am sharing my story in the hopes of inspiring you to stand out from the crowd, to be that bold business owner, to be that courageous female entrepreneur or coach, to be  wild and to live your passion to the fullest, because I know how dangerous it is for your business to blend in. You are not doing the world any favours by playing small.


Dream big and take the right action.

We all dream, but you’ve got to take action to get results believe me. It took me a long time to realise that. But now my business and my mission are aligned and I couldn’t be happier.

Maybe you are thinking that you’re not good enough or your niche is not good enough or that you need fancy funnels or Facebook ads but I know from experience that all you need is the right marketing strategy for your biz. And I can definitely help you with that.


I would love to help you up-level your biz, impact and income.


Your Business and Marketing Coach,