Hey you, online entrepreneur!

Do YOU FEEL STUCK trying to build your audience on Instagram?

Do you feel like you are taking one step forwards then ten steps backwards?

Do you feel like you gain new followers one day, and the next you have less than the day before (WTF?).

Does everybody around you seem to be growing their followers like crazy whilst you’re there wondering,

‘Am I missing something here?’

Had you always put social media on the back burner (intentionally), but you’re starting to think that your brand could be missing out by not interacting with your audience?


What does it say about you if your brand isn’t on IG? Too old? Not hip enough or not tech savy?

Chances are, your customers are using Instagram, so it’d be crazy not to engage with them there!

BUT then it gets tricky. What should you talk about? How many hashtags do you use? What kind of content should you post? You haven’t got a clue.


But don’t worry, you’re not alone. If you're:

  • a creative female entrepreneur who is sick of struggling to attract the right audience on IG.

  • or you have no idea what to post every day or what to say to your audience.

  • or maybe you're a small biz owner who is sick of getting ZERO results trying to engage with your audience on Instagram.


Hi, I'm Kris!

And I promise I’ll make you fall in love with Instagram.

You see, I have always been fascinated by brands, right from an early age. Now I’m on a mission to build my own brand online, and at the same time, to teach female entrepreneurs + bloggers my most kickass brand + Instagram tips. I want to help you build online empires, attract the right crowds to your brand on IG and create content that matters.

I love visuals and if you are like me (and about half of the rest of the world, 65% in fact), than you know that an image says a thousand words. Instagram is all about images and its community of 700 million active users makes it THE best channel to build a brand.

These two things - branding and visuals - are right up my alley.

I have been working with brands all my life and know what makes good brands stand out, what works and what doesn’t. In fact, they are kind of part of my DNA (but I’ll tell you more about this later).


The good news

There has never been a better time for creative entrepreneurs to carve out a slice of internet fame to call your own on social media.


The bad news

But the competition is getting fierce baby!

In 2017 there will be more internet traffic than all prior internet years combined.

Your challenge

So the challenge your brand or biz is facing is - how do you stand out from the crowd?


Here’s a lil’ secret..

Think of your brand like a lighthouse: a brand you can’t help but notice, even when you are not looking for it.

I call it The Lighthouse Effect and have made it my mission to help you turn your online biz into a lighthouse brand.

Because when you shine bright, the right audience will be attracted to you, and your brand on IG will begin to grow.

Sounds good, right? Read on.


Kickass tips, this way.

If you are looking for some kickass online brand + Instagram tips to help you build an awesome, original and profitable brand and biz and stand out in this crowded online space, you and I are gonna get along great.

My biggest aim is to supply you with ‘How to’s’ to help you define your audience, attract your audience and to grow your audience on IG.

But first a disclaimer! I am not a graphic designer or a web design branding shop. In if that’s the reason you came, then I am afraid I am not your kind of girl and this is not your kind of site. Sorry, no hard feelings. But let me tell you what I am about:

  • I am all about online brand + Instagram tips for female entrepreneurs + bloggers.

  • I care obsessively about details ‘Everything matters’, and I love strategy.

  • I believe that in order to be resourceful, whether for yourself or your business, you have to be strategic about it every step of the way.

  • I believe feeling overwhelmed is any newbie biz owners worst enemy (Now I know why it's called "overkill", because it literally KILLS everything).

  • Honesty is one of my core value, in life and in business, and all information on my site is tried and tested by me.

  • I am not a fan of quick-fixes because I know good brands take time to build trust.

  • I love giving people feedback and I am famous for my pep-talks (my friends can sing a song about it), so if you have any questions you need a second pair of eyes, I’m your girl. Join my Facebook 'Instagram Femtrepreneurs' and hit me up.

  • I’m into tangible things, and strategies where I can see results straight away.

  • I love visuals and have worked as a digital Art Director in some of London’s top advertising agencies for 10 years.


Just like you, I am an entrepreneur keen to make my business a success and furthermore, build a kickass brand for myself.

As exciting as it is it is also freaking hard! So, on my blog I’m going to share my journey, combined with my 10 years’ plus experience as an art director working in the online space.

Don’t try to fit in. Stand out.

My blog posts and products show you:

  • how to find your tribe on Instagram and get the right audience to buy from you.
  • how to dial up what makes your brand different.
  • how to promote your brand on IG without being salesy.
  • how to use strategy to grow your brand on social.
  • how to create relevant content that gets clicked like craaazy!
  • how to keep your audience engaged.
  • how to raise awareness of what you have to offer.

And more!

But, every successful brand has the right audience behind them. Do you know who your ideal audience is?

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Like I said, I am a bit obsessed with brands and here is why.


Why brands are part of my DNA

A passion for brands, and the people behind them, are deeply rooted in me. It all started when I was born in East Germany behind the Berlin Wall, or the 'wrong side of the Wall’ as I used to call it.


That's me (front) with my mum Ilona and my sister Susan in front of the Brandenburger Gate, East Berlin, 1988 (excuse my haircut, haha).

That's me (front) with my mum Ilona and my sister Susan in front of the Brandenburger Gate, East Berlin, 1988 (excuse my haircut, haha).

East Germany was run as a socialist communist regime that suppressed any influence from the western world.


Growing up we had nothing - no brands, no choices, no inspiration

(and of course no social media).

Everything was uniform, designed to make nothing and nobody stand out. The government was the only brand that produced and labeled products that filled the shelves.

My great uncle lived in West Germany, and one Christmas I was privileged to travel to see him. Things were different on the other side of Germany, so different that it would change my life forever.


My life changed at the age of 5

And so it happened that at 5 years of age I found myself in Wertkauf (later Walmart), in West Germany with 10 Deutsche Mark in my hand and the freedom to choose (for the first time) whatever I wanted.

I cannot start to describe to you how it felt standing inside the shop, I couldn't get enough of looking at all the different brands with their colourful packaging reaching up into the sky. Never before had I seen anything like it in my life.


Brands stood out. And that feeling stuck with me.


I chose a white skateboard with red wheels. For me the skateboard represented freedom.

This is the skateboard I board.

This is the skateboard I board.

My obsession with brands began

From that point on I got obsessed with brands and packaging. My uncle sent more chocolate in the post and I studied the colourful packaging for hours. I wanted to figure out why it was so powerful, so I started drawing the packaging of every present line by line. And I started collecting the wrapping paper of the chocolate bars, pressing them between the pages of my maths books before gluing them into my ‘Bible’ (the book I kept all pretty wrappers, magazine ads and even fruit stickers in). It didn’t bother me that we didn’t have a TV, because I found the greatest joy looking at my ‘Bible’.


Turning my passion into a reality

When the Wall came down, I wasted no time before going after my beloved brands. First I went to New York to intern as a graphic designer. After studying graphic design for two years I realised it wasn't for me; I wanted to go deeper and find out what brands 'mean' to people, and why, plus I wanted to learn things about business and how to make money with my work. I made it into the world’s number one advertising school, Miami Ad School, and learned from the best industry experts and thinkers. I worked in Stockholm and Berlin, before finally coming to London where I have spent the past 10 years working as a digital art director in London’s top agencies.


During my career in advertising it was my job to enhance brands with creative strategy and creative campaigns to attract more of the right audience, grow their business and drive sales. I won awards for my work, and loved every minute of my job.

But eventually I wanted to break out from the 9 to 5 and build my own online brand and teach people the tricks of the trade.

And here we are... (drum roll please). KristinBrause.com is the result of my journey and my passion for brands.

I would love to share my kickass online brand + Instagram tips with you.

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