Having been an art director on global ad campaigns, I know from experience that an image sells better than a thousand words.

In this crash course, I break down the concept of visual storytelling and reveal the secrets behind how I create my visuals.



  • First we need to make sure that your images have stopping power (or nobody will read your posts).
  • Then we need to select images that tell the right story.
  • Finally, I’ll also share some of my personal secrets with you, like the simple rule of 9 and 3.

Once you understand these simple principles, your visual strategy will be a walk in the park. And you’ll totally know how to transform your IG feed into a unique brand experience that helps you sell your products or services*.

(*You don’t need millions of followers, either: I made my first sales through Instagram with less than 500 followers.)


What is included in the visual storytelling crash course?



A pre-session brand questionnaire

Fill in my brand questionnaire. Tell me exactly who your audience is, what type of IG accounts you aspire to be like and why, and why you think you are struggling with your visuals.




Before our call, I’ll take a good look at your IG profile and the other accounts you admire. I’ll take time to analyze your brand and put together a few unique visual ideas for you.





1 x 90 minute Skype call

  • I’ll give you a rundown on what visual storytelling is and how it works, using real IG examples related to your industry niche.*

  • I’ll help you define your theme (e.g. monochrome, colorful or pastels?).

  • I’ll define a visual strategy for you that revolves around 9 images (the famous rule of 9 I run my brand by).

  • I’ll share a revolutionary insight: Why repetition is a good thing (you’ll be surprised).

  • You’ll learn why you should shoot your photos in batches, and how to do that (using my own examples).

  • I’ll give you a simple and practical 3-step formula to treat any image: Color, Angles, Crop.

  • Time for your questions (ALL of them).

*Many ‘AHA-moments’ guaranteed





Full control

Need to reschedule our call? No problem. I am using Acuity Scheduling, which means you have full control over our meeting time and can re-schedule any time (with unlimited changes allowed).





I really wanna know how you’re getting on with your visuals. After a week, we’ll catch up via email to check your progress.





Femtrepreneur Friends for life

After working together, we will be femtrepreneur buddies. I truly care about brands and the strong women behind them, and once you are on my radar, I will look out for you. I’ll also invite you to become part of my network so we can stay connected during this exciting journey together.




Brand Boss Guarantee

Teaching you the art of visual storytelling is not just a service, it’s a commitment. I’m so confident I can help you gain clarity that you can request a full refund if you feel that I haven’t solved your problem after our session.


After this course, you’ll have all the tools you need to take charge of your own visual storytelling.


Investment: 250 GBP


(Please use a currency converter to make sure you are clear on how much the investment is in your currency)