How To Start Building And Growing Your Email List With ConvertKit

I'm in love with ConvertKit! It has not only helped me grow my list from 0 to over 1k subscribers, but it has also revolutionized the way I think about email marketing. Before switching to ConvertKit, I had been building my email list with a free MailChimp account. But I soon began to lose track: "Who was on my list?", "How did they sign up?", "Which freebie was most popular?".

Soon I began avoiding my email list because I simply couldn’t cope. And that was reflected in my sign-ups: On a good day, I only gained about 1 - 2 subscribers, which was frustrating.

But now, with ConvertKit, the picture is completely different. I love emails, and I gain 10 - 15 new subscribers every single day, and it blows my mind!

Let me show you how I do it.

7 Experts tell YOU How to Build the Perfect Lifestyle Brand on Instagram

"How do you build the perfect lifestyle brand on Instagram?" is a question I get asked a lot. For many female entrepreneurs, building a lifestyle brand is the holy grail because it allows you to be totally you, and to build a business around your personality.

But mastering the art of building a successful lifestyle brand can be tricky. And that’s why I asked 7 Instagram experts who've actually done it to share their best-kept secrets on building the perfect lifestyle brand in an exclusive interview.

So, DRUM-ROLL ladies... Grab a notebook and a cup of your favorite beverage, get comfy and let’s dive into the interviews.

How Instagram influences my brand - A success story by Elaine Rau

Elaine Rau started off her blog by scraping together her last pennies and writing about who she wanted to be - a female entrepreneur.

Because she wasn’t an entrepreneur herself at that time, she started to interview female entrepreneurs who were already doing what they loved, to gain valuable insights.

The interviews were a big hit with her audience, and from that day Elaine became an entrepreneur in her own right. With nearly 8k followers, her Instagram account is bursting with interviews about entrepreneurship, creativity, tears and sweat, and other success stories sure to inspire others.

I decided to interview her to see what role Instagram played in building her brand.

How I Grew My Brand On Instagram From Zero To 1K In Less Than 2 Months

I started using my personal Instagram account in April 2016 with absolutely no game plan or strategy. In December 2016, I tried picking it up again, but quickly lost interest because I wasn't seeing any results.

It wasn't until March 2017 that I eventually returned to Instagram. Only this time I wanted to use it with intention. It was then that I finally managed to grow my account and boosted my brand from zero to 1k in less than 2 months.

7 Mistakes That Could Cost You Brand Awareness On Instagram And How To Avoid Them

Brand awareness on Instagram is not created by endlessly chucking new visuals or image captions at your audience, hoping that something will eventually stick.

Brand awareness is created by repetition.

The less you do, the more your brand will stand out.


Let me explain.

6 Reasons Why You Should Increase The Brand Awareness For Your Brand On Instagram Today

Brand awareness is the currency of Instagram. With over 700 million users on the app, it can be difficult to get the right eyeballs on your brand. But if you want your brand to grow - by attracting more of the right people, getting them to engage with your posts and even clicking through to your website/ blog - then you need to make brand awareness for your brand your number one priority.

Free Instagram stock photos to save you time + still make your brand stand out and kick ass

So, you're just setting up your brand on Instagram and have about a million things on your to-do list. Unfortunately, taking awesome photos for your brand isn't one of them (at the moment).  Maybe you just don't have the right equipment to take high quality photos? Or you simply haven't a clue how to use software and edit your own photos? Perhaps photography really isn't your forte? Or maybe at this stage of your business you can't afford stock photos?

Why girlboss is no longer a safe hashtag to use + How to report nudity on Instagram

One of Instagram's most popular hashtags is without a doubt girlboss.

With over 6,116,245 posts to date, the girlboss attitude has captivated many female entrepreneurs, bloggers and small business owners, myself included. And as a true girlboss at heart, it pains me to warn you that this powerful hashtag is officially no longer safe to use on Instagram.

Why I decided to build my personal brand using my name, and why you should consider it too

Should you use your own personal name for your brand or a business name?

Being your own personal brand can be super scary. If your business fails, you just wind it up and move on. But what if your personal brand fails? What if your personal brand doesn't work out and everyone on Instagram sees it? That's a lot to handle. If you are giving yourself a hard time deciding on whether to go with your own personal name or a business name, let me tell you one thing: Once you decide to go with your real name, things get easier and over time it will feel more natural too. Time to step it up.

How I Got Rid Of My Instagram Shadowban And Why You Can't Rely On Hashtags Anymore

In this post I'll show you exactly what I did to lift my Instagram shadowban, how I managed to return my account back to normal in just a few days and how I continue to use Instagram daily for my business without any fear. Read on to find out exactly how I got rid of my Instagram shadowban after my account was affected.

How To Find Your Tribe On Instagram In 3 Easy Steps

Are you struggling to find your tribe on Instagram?

And do you feel a teeny-tiny bit jealous of those 10k+ accounts that make it look so easy, and get you wondering “What are they doing that I’m not?”

I’ll tell you what they are doing differently:

they have found the right audience for their brand.

They have figured out exactly WHO THEIR brand is serving, HOW, WHAT and WHY.

And that means they don’t just fire out random posts to the wrong audience hoping that one will hit home. Their posts hit the sweet spot with their audience because they understand their audience’s pain points, emotions, values, beliefs, desires, goals and motivations.

Knowing these things mean you can strike gold every time, because you are providing the perfect solution that gets right to the heart of your audience’s problem (that’s what I call the sweet spot).

Why Has My Instagram Account Been Shadowbanned + How To Remove It

Has your Instagram account been shadowbanned?

A few days ago a member of my Facebook group contacted me, saying she had a suspicion her Instagram business account had been ‘shadowbanned’. Since I hadn’t heard of it, I promised her to look into it. I posted on Instagram and Twitter to ask if anyone else had been effected by a ‘ShadowBan’, and the results were shocking.

Lots of people have been affected!

If you haven’t heard about it, let me explain what shadowbanning means (Instagram has not made an official statement yet, so this information is based on the knowledge I have at this time. If you have more information, or a different explanation, please leave a comment and I will look into updating my post).

3 Hashtag Strategies To Grow Your Audience On Instagram + FREE Top 50 Hashtag Guide

Are you a little scared of hashtags because you are not exactly sure how to use them?

Relax, you are not alone. I once, just like many creative entrepreneurs, erm... hated them.

Well, not hated them but I just wasn’t sure how to use them. I tried a few times but never saw results and it only left me confused. Now, I love them and can’t get enough of them. Why? Because I started to use them strategically and those powerful bundles really help me grow my audience.

Let me show you 3 super easy strategies to grow your audience with hashtags.

How to attract the right audience to your brand on Instagram

Are you wondering how to attract the right audience to your brand on Instagram?

If you barely manage to scrape enough new ideas to post to your Instagram account each week, then you already know the feeling: ‘What the heck am I going to post next?!’

You try to be creative to attract the right audience to your brand and you think of all sort of things to post, you even try different hashtags (you should win an award for the amounts you’ve tried). You post photo after photo and then… crickets. No likes, no comments, no click through to your site and worst of all.. No sales (not even close)!

One day your follower numbers are up, and the next day they drop and you have less followers than the day before - even tho you literally just gained new followers? (WTF?)

And then, finally, somebody likes your post, but it’s just one of those ‘gain free followers’ scams.
You are starting to wonder what all this effort is for.