11 Must-Do Questions To Craft Your Signature Offer + Consistently Sign $4-8k Clients (1 Or 2, Or More!!)

Imagine knowing exactly what kind of offer gets clients wondering how quickly they can start working with you?

Imagine a constant flow of new clients coming through the door who WANT what you offer? (and that you could give them guaranteed results!)

Then imagine the new testimonials, and how easy they would make selling your coaching business to new clients who want the exact same results?

Finally, just imagine how all this would change your business, your bank balance, your confidence and your impact.

How To Market Yourself Better, And Consistently Attract More Clients To Your Service Based Business

Speaking to 100 people who are potentially interested in your offer is very tiring. But how about if I showed you a way to make customers come to you, instead of you going to them? How can you attract more clients to you, instead of you having to spend hours reaching out to them, using my fail-proof system?

I call this the 'Lighthouse effect'.
A business new clients notice, even when they’re not looking.
A business that attracts clients instead of going searching for them.

While this sounds like every female entrepreneur’s or coach’s dream, the number of businesses that actually do stand out like a lighthouse in this saturated marketplace is surprisingly small.

3 Killer Reasons Why Every Coach NEEDS To Have A Signature Offer To Attract Clients

A coach without a signature offer is like a house without foundations. If you don't know what you're a specialist in, it's impossible to market yourself and attract clients.

If you are a business or life coach, health or fitness coach, mindset or spiritual coach, money and finance coach, or a relationship coach (or any other coach), and you are struggling to attract more clients, then let me ask you this:

Why should your dream clients come to YOU?

Fill in the sentence:

"My dream clients come to me because I’m THE expert in  ______________."

Not quite sure what to fill in? You're not alone.

How I went from business identity crisis to clarity and became unstoppable

Ready for an honest look at how clarity saved my ass? Read this post about my personal journey about how I went from business clueless to biz clarity, attracted clients and cash, and started feeling unstoppable.

When I started my business, I had no clue what I was doing. The first 2 years were an absolute struggle. My biz was all over the place, without a concept, strategy or roadmap. I had no goals, no idea who my audience was, no idea what they needed, and no idea why they’d need me.

How I helped my coaching client book 11 new clients + How I can do the same for you

When my first 1:1 coaching client approached me to work with her, she was struggling to attract new clients to her brand.

The reason WHY she wasn't attracting the right kind of people became clear once we started working together: There was no alignment between her brand foundation and brand message, which confused her audience.

Once we fixed this, my client was able to book 11 new clients almost immediately (mind-BLOW-ing)

Here’s how we did it.

How To Start Building And Growing Your Email List With ConvertKit

I'm in love with ConvertKit! It has not only helped me grow my list from 0 to over 1k subscribers, but it has also revolutionized the way I think about email marketing. Before switching to ConvertKit, I had been building my email list with a free MailChimp account. But I soon began to lose track: "Who was on my list?", "How did they sign up?", "Which freebie was most popular?".

Soon I began avoiding my email list because I simply couldn’t cope. And that was reflected in my sign-ups: On a good day, I only gained about 1 - 2 subscribers, which was frustrating.

But now, with ConvertKit, the picture is completely different. I love emails, and I gain 10 - 15 new subscribers every single day, and it blows my mind!

Let me show you how I do it.