11 Must-Do Questions To Craft Your Signature Offer + Consistently Sign $4-8k Clients (1 Or 2, Or More!!)

Imagine knowing exactly what kind of offer gets clients wondering how quickly they can start working with you?

Imagine a constant flow of new clients coming through the door who WANT what you offer? (and that you could give them guaranteed results!)

Then imagine the new testimonials, and how easy they would make selling your coaching business to new clients who want the exact same results?

Finally, just imagine how all this would change your business, your bank balance, your confidence and your impact.

Maybe you’ve signed a $10K client before (leave a comment below if that’s you) but worry that it was more down to luck? Or maybe you’ve launched different programs before but none of them took off, and you’re wondering what other coaches do that you don’t?

Or perhaps you’re completely in the dark as to what your dream clients really want, and you need help to figure that out fast.


EVERY coach can create a signature offer and attract more clients every month

The only way to consistently sign clients is to offer something so valuable that working with you is a no-brainer compared to other coaches. For that to happen, you need an offer so clear that it hits your clients’ most sensitive spot. The only remedy is your solution, and that makes them reach for their credit card, like now (and price becomes no issue).


I call this the ‘Signature Offer-Effect’. A signature offer is when you create the perfect offer for your clients, via knowing exactly what they want. And the best thing? If it attracts 1-3 clients once, you know it will work again.


What Most Coaches Don’t Tell You

Although your signature offer can be very personal, you need to start creating it with one crucial thing in mind: Start with what the market wants, not what you want. Because no matter how good you are at something, if your clients (the market) don’t want it, they won’t buy it.

Having helped 100+ global brands attract more customers to their business – and my coaching client attract 11 new clients to her coaching biz – I know what makes the perfect offer, and I have distilled it down to one simple formula.


The Proven Formula To Craft Your Signature Offer

(What your clients really want/need)_____________ + (what you’re really good at, your USP)__________= Your signature offer (an offer you can use to attract one to two $4K-$8K clients every month)


Once you know what your signature offer is, you can launch it again and again, knowing that you’ll attract clients consistently and with ease. Furthermore, having your signature offer and becoming known as the expert in a specific area has clear benefits, because experts get paid more. You can read more about the ‘3 killer reasons why you need a signature offer’ here. Providing you know exactly who you’re serving and what they need, plus why you’re doing it, creating your signature offer becomes a walk in the park.


The question is: How well do you know what your clients really want?

Because if you don’t know what your clients want, then you can’t target your offer. Go by trial and error, and you might be in for a long ride.

On the other hand, once you know what your ideal client really needs help with, you can make your offer as fun and individual, personal and niche as you like.

But it all starts with finding out what your soulmates really want.

Are you ready to unlock your signature offer and set yourself up for consistently attracting one to two clients, making $4-8K per month (or more)? (I teach all my clients why you can never charge less).


Download my freebie and follow these 11 must-do questions to help you brainstorm your signature offer in the right order.


Find your signature offer and unlock the door to coaching success.

Creating your signature offer is key to the success of your business and believe me, once you find what works, you can repeat and tap into endless income.

I work exclusively with female entrepreneurs and coaches, helping them create and market a signature offer. I can teach you the ropes about how to get inside your audience’s head and find out, in a strategic way, what they really want (vs. what they think they need). I’ll help create the right signature offer for your business and help you market it to the right clients, at the right time, in the most authentic and fun way.


Don’t forget to download my freebie and follow these 11 must-do questions showing you the right order to brainstorm your signature offer.


To sum it up - your signature offer needs to:

Be specific: Niche down. The more specific you are about whom you help achieve what, the better you will speak to them.

Be personal: Do something that is 1,000% aligned with you.

Be smart: Before you start creating your signature offer, look at what the market wants.


Need help?

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