How To Market Yourself Better, And Consistently Attract More Clients To Your Service Based Business

Speaking to 100 people who are potentially interested in your offer is very tiring. But how about if I showed you a way to make customers come to you, instead of you going to them? How can you attract more clients to you, instead of you having to spend hours reaching out to them, using my fail-proof system?

I call this the 'Lighthouse effect'.
A business new clients notice, even when they’re not looking.
A business that attracts clients instead of going searching for them.

While this sounds like every female entrepreneur’s or coach’s dream, the number of businesses that actually do stand out like a lighthouse in this saturated marketplace is surprisingly small.


The truth is, even when most female entrepreneurs and coaches do try to stand out from the crowd, they don’t stand out enough, failing to attract new clients.


Because they are lacking a lighthouse marketing strategy to position themselves differently.

And they don’t know what to say, or what their audience’s pain points or desires are.

In fact, they’re not even entirely sure who they should be trying to attract as their ideal client?

And when they do speak to potential customers they hear things like “Oh, I can’t afford you.” all the time.

But the real reason new clients don’t invest in them is that their marketing message doesn’t scratch their itch. They’re not promising anything new that these clients want.


And as a result, they’re failing to attract more clients.

Truth is, by failing to stand out from the crowd by having the right message, they’ll never attract the right clients to their business.

And because their marketing efforts don’t lead anywhere, they enter a vicious circle or catch 22 – doing more of what doesn’t work, over and over, leaving them feeling deflated, confused and unmotivated.

Only female entrepreneurs and coaches with a rock-solid foundation are able to achieve a lighthouse effect.


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Image building your dream house.

You wouldn’t build it on shaky foundations, would you?
Before decorating the inside, you’d check that the foundation is rock-solid, right?

Yet many female entrepreneurs and coaches build their businesses on shaky grounds. Because they are lacking clarity.

And because they are not entirely sure about what to say and how to say it, they hold themselves back from marketing their offer to its full potential. Thereby showing their lack of confidence not only about their message, but also their ability as a business owner.

Without clarity, they don’t know which foundation to build their lighthouse on, or why anyone would pay for their products or services.

So they try out marketing messages in the hope of attracting a few clients and hoping that the message will resonate with them.

But it’s a long shot! And it tears them apart because they KNOW their business has potential. They also see other people achieve success, and they know they could do so much better.

Only female entrepreneurs and coaches who have built up their business with the lighthouse effect know for sure that when they switch their lighthouse on, they can effortlessly attract new clients to their business.

I’m Kris! I can help you attract more clients to your business

I’ll teach you how to use the lighthouse effect to attract more dream clients to your coaching business, more consistently.

Kristin Brause - Business Clarity and Marketing Coach

I’ve worked in some of the world’s best advertising and marketing agencies and spent 10 years in London working for big global brands.

And in this blog post, I’m going to share with you how to use the lighthouse effect to attract more dream clients to your business, more consistently.

I’m also going to share with you:

  • The BIG mistake I see most female entrepreneurs and coaches make when trying to get clients and why it’s against the laws of marketing.
  • 2 things ‘the leaders’ have that ‘the strugglers’ are lacking.
  • How to market your business using the ‘lighthouse effect’ and why you need to use it to make your message stand out.

These are the strategies I’ve learnt over 10 intensive years, when I worked in some of London’s top advertising and marketing agencies for global brands like Dove, Samsung, British Airways, Nike, Adidas and Microsoft.

I won international awards for my work and helped brands sell millions of $’s worth of products, helped them boost their brand awareness, launched products and services, built communities, and generated leads and interest.

And I also helped my coaching client Chanee attract over 11 new clients into her coaching program in week 6 of our 12-week training.

She has now become a lighthouse brand, with a clear marketing message that stands out in her niche, and which helped her gain 1000 new Instagram followers and develop the right coaching programs and services for her clients.


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I got featured in Preview App, LadyBossBlogger, Love Health & Family and Bubbly & Biz.

So if you’ve been in business for a year and you feel like you need direction with your business and your marketing but you don’t want to spend years trying to figure it out on your own.
You want to ‘go go go’ and make it happen for you now, so you can start making the 5 to 6 figures you dream of. Then keep reading.

Turn your business into a lighthouse business your dream clients can’t ignore and attract more clients.

You want people to say, “YES, I want to work with you”,
and “YES I’m going to pay you” because they can see the value you’re adding!

You are dying for more sign-ups and sales. and you’re confident
that what you put out there is getting your clients results. That’s why you want more growth, more sales and more income.

You want to do this full-time and thrive, not just survive month by month.
Because you know you’ve got a great product and you’re freaking awesome at what you do. You also know that the potential of your business could be tremendous once you crack the code! (And I know that too!)


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You want to get your business in front of the right eyes – those that end up being your soulmate clients, not time wasters.

Maybe you even want to write a book one day?

You know that the right marketing strategy will open doors to bigger audiences, more impact and more income

You’re ready for it!

And you’re in the right place.

The top 2 kinds of people I work with typically fall into one of these categories:

Female entrepreneurs
- with service-based businesses
- who sell online courses, sales funnels, webinars, training videos, masterclasses or live training sessions.

People like online course creators, designers, photographers, web designers, social media strategists, and Instagram or Facebook marketers.

- with service-based businesses
- trying to sell 1:1 coaching programs, VIP sessions, high-ticket offers, group coaching, retreats and summits...

People like health coaches, fitness coaches, money transformation coaches, business and marketing coaches, photography coaches and mindset coaches


I’ve noticed from working for big agencies and coaching clients that there are usually two types of people:

The Chasers:
People who know there is a problem that needs fixing, but they don’t know what action to take to fix it.
They are paralyzed and overwhelmed by too many options, and they can’t decide which is the right way to go. So they keep wasting time and money, trying to figure it out on their own through trial and error.

And then there are:

The Leaders:
People who always seem to make the right move at the right time, effortlessly, reaping massive rewards.
These guys are nailing their marketing message and launching the right products at the right time, every time. They’re making more and more money, and growing their business 1000 times faster than anybody else.


Why is it that some female entrepreneurs and coaches seem to constantly have a marketing message that gets clients lining up to work with them, While others struggle to even attract just one client?

Why is it that some female entrepreneurs and coaches have clients showing up for their webinars, signing up to their programs and have their audiences sharing it in big Facebook groups with a ton of “I’m in” or “I just signed up super-excited emoji” for free.
They have the perfect hair and makeup, live in perfect apartments, with professional photos on their website and social media accounts.
They have lots of potential clients reaching out to work with them, “Only 1 spot left” emails and fully-booked programs.

And why is it that others struggle, investing all their time and energy trying to market their new product or service, only to get just a handful of people excited who don’t actually buy it, 2 people showing up to their Facebook live videos or webinars, and no client inquiries in their inbox. They try to perfect their social media strategy, show up, even more, post more, find better hashtags, fiddle around with their website and logo, feeling busy to the max and not really getting content produced. Their hair up in a bun, no time to shower and the fridge full of crappy ready-made meals.


More of a visual person? Watch my video here


From working for global brands and observing hundreds of successful business people, I’ve come to realize the BIG mistake ‘The Chasers’ make when trying to attract clients.

The best way I can explain this to you is by asking you a question:

“What’s the name of the first person to fly the Atlantic ocean solo?”
If you’re now thinking Charles Lindbergh, you’re right.

charles-lindbergh-Kristin Brause.jpeg


Now let me ask you:
“Who was the second person to fly the Atlantic Ocean solo?”
This one is not that easy to answer, is it?

The second person to fly the Atlantic Ocean solo was Bert Hinkler.

Bert_Hinkler Kristin Brause.jpg

And in fact, he was a much better pilot than Charles Lindbergh.
He flew the same route much faster and he consumed way less fuel.
He even did the first solo flight from England to Australia a year after Lindbergh’s celebrated success


He became ‘the pilot the world forgot’

and he tragically died when his aeroplane crashed.

And I see most female entrepreneurs and coaches rewriting the Lindbergh Hinkler story for the 21st century. They’re setting themselves up to become the next female entrepreneur or coach your dream clients don’t even know about.


Just the same way nature has laws – like the laws of physics or the laws of gravity – marketing has laws too.

And ‘better’ doesn’t work in marketing.

Female entrepreneurs and coaches have become obsessed with watching their market and niche. They check to see what products or services other female entrepreneurs and coaches put out there, trying to reduce the risk of launching a product nobody buys.

And when they see the success of others, and then jump straight in with a slightly better product or a me-too service, offering same-same information and similar coaching programs with similar titles at similar prices.

Or when they come across successful coaching programs, webinars or training videos and think:

“Oh yeah, that’s exactly what I was thinking! I’m going to do the same, but add my own twist to it!”
And they think that seeing a product or service already out there is proof of concept that it works.


I see this ‘Me-too’ process repeating itself over and over throughout online business, digital marketing, social media marketing and the coaching industry.

People have come to believe that creating a better version of a cash cow will work just as well for them, if only they market it hard enough.

And they think that it’s just a matter of time before theirs takes off too.

So their strategy is to case the same audiences on Instagram, using the same hashtags, to target the same people in Facebook groups, send out emails with similar titles, create Pinterest graphics that look almost identical, launch similar coaching programs, and do webinars or training on the same topics as the industry leaders.


More of a visual person? Watch my video here


Now, remember how I told you that ‘the leaders’ have 2 things in place ‘the chasers’ are lacking?

These two things that the leaders have mastered are:
a system to figure out the right products or services to launch, over and over
a system to market these products or services to the right audience, at the right time, again and again.

Now let me show you how to market yourself more effectively like ‘a leader’, and attract more dream clients more consistently.

The only two things you need to make your business take off are:

  1. The right message
  2. The right marketing strategy to get your message out there, at the right time.

If your business is NOT making the IMPACT and INCOME you want

Let me ask you these 2 questions:

  1. How clear and confident are you about your message?
  2. What’s your strategy to get your dream clients’ eyeballs on it?

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of trying to create ‘better’ versions of products or services, rather than creating your own.


But if you want your business to attract more clients, you need to focus on these two things:

  1. Creating the right products and services
  2. Marketing them the right way

‘The leaders’, successful coaches and successful entrepreneurs ALL have a proven system in place to create the right products and services, at the right time, over and over again.

‘The Leaders’ know two things ‘The Chasers’ don’t:

  1. They know exactly what products or services the market wants
  2. They know exactly when the market is ready to buy.

And when you know these two things, it’s like winning the lottery because you already know what numbers are going to be drawn.

And then all you need to do is to repeat your system over and over, making as much INCOME as you want, with predictability and precision.

Meanwhile, the chasers frantically try to copy the latest product or service, chasing other people’s success and burning themselves out along the way because they are not seeing any results, impact, or income.

The leaders, on the other hand, are making more and more money with their products and their marketing. They can not only predict this, but they are also growing their impact whilst already plotting their next launch.

Ok, so what does the system the leaders use to attract more clients look like?

It starts with:

  • The right product or service
  • The right message.

They figure out what the market wants and create the right products or services.

They then create a marketing strategy with a message that hits their audience’s sweet spot.

And, by doing this correctly, they transform their marketing message into a powerful lighthouse their dream clients can’t ignore, even if they wanted to. Because that’s what lighthouses do - they stand out from the crowd. And they attract people, rather than the other way round, making it a way more effective way to market.

And once you know how to apply the lighthouse effect in your marketing message you can switch it on and off,
whenever you want, and attract as many clients as you like to your business, like flies to the light, again and again.

And if you do this correctly, you’ll have your very own system in place to market yourself better,
and consistently attract more dream clients to your business.

Now, to execute the lighthouse effect, you need to get these 4 things in alignment:

  1. A clear plan of attack
  2. The right message
  3. A system to know which product or services to create
  4. A proven formula to create the right marketing strategy for your business

To find your lighthouse, you can either go the hard way and try to figure it out on your own, stumbling around in Facebook groups, spending your time and money not getting anywhere.

Just think:
How much time have you spent this week trying to figure it out by yourself?
How much time have you spent crafting the ‘perfect post’, and ended up getting no likes, and no sales?

Or, you could do it the easy way,


hire a ‘lighthouse’ expert.

More of a visual person? Watch my video here.

I have worked around the world, and gathered insights and experience in more than 6 countries:

I went to the world’s #1 school for advertising - Miami Ad School, Hamburg, Germany
Worked at Germany’s best advertising agency.

I worked in Stockholm
At Sweden’s #1 advertising agency

I worked in Berlin
Where I won a Cannes lion, which is the oscar of advertising and marketing.

I spent 10 years working in London, United Kingdom where I started off at one of the World’s largest advertising & marketing network, Saatchi&Saatchi
I also worked for Nike
Got featured in ‘campaign Magazine’
Won a $50 million account

Paris, France
Re-launched one of the UK’s biggest fashion retailers successfully

Interned in New York as a graphic designer

And now I just moved to Brisbane, Australia from where I currently work building my empire.

Places I worked at.png

I left my job and made it my mission to help female entrepreneurs and coaches unlock the secret process that the most successful global marketers use.

Now you’re probably wondering how it could work for your business?

Because I would like to get YOU the Best results

My coaching program is perfect for Female entrepreneurs and coaches who want to:
Attract dream clients like never before.
Up-level your business, income and impact dramatically.
Learn a proven system to attract dream clients, almost as easy as turning a light switch on and off.
Learn a foolproof system to create the right products and services.
Know when it’s the right time to launch your products and services (with absolute certainty that they will sell).

Here is how my 2-step process to attract more clients works:

1. We get clear about it because more clarity means more clients
2. Then we get loud about it, with a marketing strategy that has customers come to YOU.

Think of marketing as the tip of the iceberg for your business, where all the elements come together.

Now, When most people hear the word marketing, they think:
“Oh yeah, I need a social media strategy.”
But a strategy can only amplify what is already there. And if you’re lacking clarity then a marketing strategy will only amplify your lack of clarity, which is a waste of your time and money.
That’s why I teach a simple 2-step process, ‘Get Clear, Get loud’.
To help you unlock the code just like Chanee did.

After implementing my 2-step process, she attracted 11 new clients to her business, establishing herself as a leader in her niche and growing her confidence massively.

Personally, I’m not a fan of trying to keep up with all the social media stuff, because for me, the truth and the value lie in the foundation of your business.
Marketing follows rules and laws (yes, they exist) that were invented in the non-tech age, long before Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

And just like nature's laws, marketing laws to attract more clients don’t change.

That’s why what I teach is platform-neutral. Because whereas Snapchat, Twitter or Instagram might disappear one day, certain things are set in stone. They are the fundamentals of business. Know about them and you will always win, no matter how many social media platforms come and go (which means you’re setting yourself up for a bigger, better future).

Being a leading business is the key to attracting endless new clients to you, and I’ll teach you how to do it in marketing and how to turn
your business into a lighthouse!

To apply to work with me you need to:

  • Have been in business for about 1 year, working with clients making some money.
  • Want to establish Yourself as an industry leader and earn 5 - 6 figures.
  • Understand the importance of investing in your business and finding the right coach.
  • Passionate about sharing your knowledge and getting Your clients results.

Working with me as my client requires an investment. It’s not cheap. But I’m determined to make you your investment back during the time we work together.

Because my results matter to me more than anything, I want to make sure that I only work with clients who I can help get the results I promise.

So if I turn down your application, it’s only because I believe that we wouldn’t be a good fit, and that I wouldn’t be able to get those same results for you.

The first step you need to take is to book yourself in for a free 30-minute 'Clarity Call with me.

A Clarit Call is not coaching sessions, but rather a chance for us to get to know each other and for me to fully understand your situation. It will help you get clarity on your situation and where you really stand, and it will help me to determine if I’m the right coach for you.

Many of my clients already have countless AHA-moments during the free clarity call because they get so clear on where they are stuck in their business and mindset, and why they can’t move forward on their own.


Ready to attract more clients?

So please feel free to apply for your free Clarity Call with me, answer a few questions about your business and select a time that is convenient for you, directly from what’s available in my calendar.

If I honestly think we’re a good fit, I will offer you a space in my coaching program, and then you can decide if you want to work with me or not.

So, if you feel like this feels right for you, go ahead and apply right now, to see if you can become my next coaching client.

I'm looking forward to work with you.