6 Reasons Why You Should Increase The Brand Awareness For Your Brand On Instagram Today

Brand awareness is the currency of Instagram. With over 700 million users on the app, it can be difficult to get the right eyeballs on your brand. But if you want your brand to grow - by attracting more of the right people, getting them to engage with your posts and even clicking through to your website/ blog - then you need to make brand awareness for your brand your number one priority.

Brand awareness will not only increase your following and engagement, but also heighten interest in your products, which will ultimately help you boost sales.

I have put together 6 simple reasons why you should increase your brand awareness on Instagram today.

  Pin it now, find it again later!

Pin it now, find it again later!

6 reasons why you should increase the brand awareness for your brand on Instagram


1. Top of mind.

This is the golden rule of Instagram marketing. It's not about who has the best products on IG, but who comes to mind first. Most entrepreneurs offer the same type of advice, with similar online courses, freebies and blog posts, and yet they are still running 6 figure businesses. That shows you that Instagram (or social media in general) is not a battle about who has the best product, but who gets inside your audience's head first.

To be top of mind on any social media platform, especially Instagram, is like striking gold.


2. Be seen as an expert.

Brand awareness for your brand means that when people need help with a specific problem, they turn to you. This is great stuff! Because it shows that people know what your brand is all about, and they also trust that YOU have the expertise to help THEM.

It also means people value your opinion and are willing to listen to you. That's like having a window into your audience's minds. It allows you to collect valuable insights and really get to the bottom of the problem. Because of this, having a direct connection to your audience will bring results no google search can offer, and could put your brand ahead of the competition.

Being asked for your advice on a subject is a free marketing opportunity for your brand. You get to demonstrate your knowledge, PLUS your audience gets to experience your teaching style. This can be helpful for when you're selling products later on.

Lately, I have been getting approaches from people on Instagram every other day. I've received emails and my Facebook group has tripled in size (It's still a very small group but it shows that the right advice to the right people goes a long way.) Come join us 'Instagram Femtrepreneurs' by the way.


3. Grow your tribe.

One instant benefit of brand awareness is that it helps to attract the right audience to your brand. People who need what your brand has to offer and like what your brand has to say (and how you say it) are going to hit the 'Follow' button.

And you only want the right tribe to engage with your posts: high engagement rates mean IG's algorithm will rank your posts higher and show them to more people, increasing your chances of even more new followers and more traffic for your products.

The right tribe will also most likely check out your website and sign up to your freebies. You can grow your email list on the side. I can't stress enough how important it is to have an email list.

I started working as an entrepreneur in Sep. 2016 but I was very unfocused, which meant my email list grew very slowly. At the end of March something in my brain clicked, and I combined my two loves - brands and Instagram. My email list doubled and is now growing on auto-pilot.

  My email list doubled since I found my niche and build brand awareness for my brand on Instagram, June 2017.

My email list doubled since I found my niche and build brand awareness for my brand on Instagram, June 2017.


4. Trust.

We all know that trust sells. And trust in your community comes from brand awareness. You wouldn't just buy from someone you just stumbled across, would you? (Neither would I or plenty of other people). Usually people 'stalk' a brand by signing up to all freebies before deciding to buy from your brand. (Have you heard the magic number 7? It says that customers need to hear about your brand at least 7 times before they consider buying from you.)

Trust is built up over time so don't expect miracles over night. An easy way to create trust is with your engagement strategy. Engagement is HUGE on Instagram and can be as simple as replying to and 'hearting' comments, posting consistently and sharing your brand story. You can also show behind the scenes content that lets people see the person behind the brand, with all your quirks and personality.

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5. Word of mouth.

WOM is the best form of marketing your brand can ask for. And the best bit? It's free. Believe me, there is nothing better than people wanting to be part of your tribe and recommending your brand to their friends. People who use word of mouth feel connected with your brand and therefore love recommending it to their friends. It makes them look good to share a quality brand they know their friends will benefit from.

Word of mouth is priceless.

It's the holy grail no advertising budget can touch - and having worked in advertising for over 10 years, I'm speaking from experience. Word of mouth is a great tool to grow your following, because your brand will spread like wild fire once people catch on.

I don't know about you, but a recommendation is like the ultimate compliment *MEGA blush*. Not long ago a girl emailed me to say that my Free 5-day Insta challenge got recommended to her. I mean... can it get any better?


6. Anticipation

No more launching to crickets. Brand awareness for your brand means people are actually interested in learning more from you, and they are looking forward to your next product launch (just imagine, wouldn't that be crazy?). Prepare your launch and talk to an audience that are actually interested in what you have to say, creating your product with a supportive tribe behind your brand.

You can even pre-sell your products to make sure they are right for your audience and create a buzz before you even launch.

And that is the power of brand awareness. Want to learn how I can help you boost your brand on Instagram?

Why Instagram is the number 1 social media platform for brand awareness

Instagram, above all, is a visual platform and a visual can say more than a thousand words. People come to the app to get wowed, to get inspired and to learn new tricks of the trade and brand building techniques.

Did you know that 70% of IG users are in the 'buyers mentality'?

But without brand awareness on Instagram, it doesn't matter if you have the best products and the greatest branding in the world - because nobody knows about them.


How do you feel about increasing brand awareness for your brand? Want to learn how I can help you boost your brand on Instagram?


Kristin Brause, Instagram Brand Specialist

Kristin Brause has worked in some of London's top advertising agencies as a digital art director. She has worked with major brands and helped them create global campaigns to increase brand awareness, as well as launching products internationally.