7 Mistakes That Could Cost You Brand Awareness On Instagram And How To Avoid Them

Brand awareness on Instagram is not created by endlessly chucking new visuals or image captions at your audience, hoping that something will eventually stick.

Brand awareness is created by repetition.

The less you do, the more your brand will stand out.


Let me explain.

Brand awareness means asking your audience to remember something about your brand, to be able to recall what exactly it is you do - from being able to recognize your visuals in a news feed of hundreds of visuals, to being able to recognize your font, your brand color, your image style, your profile picture and your brand name.

So the fewer objects you use, and the clearer your brand message, the better your audience will remember the things that matter about your brand.

Stick to a pattern of repetition (there, I said it again), but have a strategy behind it.

  Pin it now, find my again later.

Pin it now, find my again later.

You want your brand to be top of mind when your audience thinks about a specific problem/ subject - which is the one for which your brand has the solution.

Here are the seven most common mistakes I see people make on Instagram that could cost your brand awareness.


No clear bio

Your Instagram bio is NOT your CV (curriculum vitae).

You don’t need to tell people everything you’ve done in your life, or your professional work life history. Think of your bio more as a welcome mat, or an elevator pitch to a future audience: the main thing your bio needs to do is communicate how your brand can HELP your audience.

And because your audience is looking for a match to help them solve their problem, you need to be clear on what you’re offering (if you need help defining your ideal audience, download my free worksheet here). 

Many brands struggle to grow on IG because they haven't given their audience a clear reason why they should follow. 

Use searchable keywords that your audience are actively looking for, and try to evoke a feeling that speaks to your audience.

Getting your bio right is half the battle

If it's not clear to your audience what your brand has to offer, and why it's a good fit for them specifically, they will move on from your profile without even bothering to check out your visuals.

(If you're struggling with your bio, check out my free Insta challenge.)

Also - don't be afraid to exclude people from your brand. It's better to own 100% of a small market than 1% of a big market.


Visuals have no stopping power

Instagram is a visual platform. Your audience scrolls though hundreds of visuals per day.

So how do you make your visuals stand out enough to make people stop and look at them?

If your visual fails to stop your audience as they scroll through their feed, they won't read your caption copy. Meaning they won't hear about your latest offer or product launch, blog post or announcement.

I use a method called the Regram factor™ and explain here why you should use it too.


Complicated names

Is your name hard to remember, or even impossible to pronounce? If so, chances are, 0% of people will remember it, which is bad news for your brand.

I wrote a blog post about why you should use your name to build your personal brand. All your audience needs to remember are the first 3 letters of your name as this is enough to type it into search. Make it easy for people to remember your brand.


People don’t follow a visual theme

If you are not exactly sure what to post every day, your Instagram feed can quickly end up looking confused and unappealing. Experimenting with your visuals too much will put your audience off and decrease your brand awareness drastically.

Why less really is more

Try to stick to a visual theme that evokes a feeling with your audience and gets them excited.

In my course, I show you how to achieve a visual strategy that is on point (using way less than you thought).

And I explain why repetition is a good thing.



Who to follow and who NOT to follow is an important factor to get Instagram's algorithm in your favour.

If you engage with the wrong people on Instagram, you are not only wasting your time and energy but you are also feeding Instagram's algorithm the wrong information.

And this is bad news for your algorithm ranking, because IG remembers the people you engage with and tries to help you find more of them. If you engage with the wrong people, then you are feeding your IG  wrong information.  In my course I show you how to put it right to increase your brand awareness with the right people.

Let's work with Instagram's algorithm rather than trying 'to beat' it.


Not posting consistently about the same topic is bad for brand awareness

Your audience is following your account for one reason: to get educated/ entertained/ inspired about a certain topic.

You need to structure the content topics you want to talk about, and keep to a posting plan to make it worthwhile for your audience to stick around. Select 3-5 content topics that address your audience's problems.

Not sure how to select the right topics? In my course I'll show you exactly how I selected topics for my audience that helped my grow my IG account to over 900 in less than 2 months.


People use their business account for personal stuff

I get it, we all have pets or kids or bake cakes occasionally, but what has that got to do with your brand? Why would your audience care about that? Exactly! They wouldn't.

Use your personal account for holiday snaps, but always keep your audience in mind for your business account. If it's not relevant for your audience, don't post it.

In my course I show you how to use Insta stories for personal content without harming your brand.


If Instagram feels like a chore, you are doing it wrong

Most profiles I see make me feel uncomfortable, because instead of joy I can feel the pain and the struggle the owner had to put the post up. Instagram is a fun and mainly positive platform.

And if you look at the accounts that do best, you’ll notice they are all very happy, colorful, bright, goofy, childish (in a good sense), like a bunch of grown ups having fun. Most people follow those accounts because they want a splash of color in their lives.

When you’re having fun, your audience is gonna have fun too. Let me show you how to make it an more enjoyable experience for your audience, so that you can boost your brand on Instagram.


Tell me, which of the above are you 'guilty' of? And where would you like to improve your brand on Instagram?