How I helped my coaching client book 11 new clients + How I can do the same for you

When my first 1:1 coaching client approached me to work with her, she was struggling to attract new clients to her brand.

The reason WHY she wasn't attracting the right kind of people became clear once we started working together: There was no alignment between her brand foundation and brand message, which confused her audience.

Once we fixed this, my client was able to book 11 new clients almost immediately (mind-BLOW-ing)

Here’s how we did it.


First, we had to strip back all the layers to get to the core.

After I listened to what she needed, we started stripping back all the layers of her brand, one by one, to get to the essence of it.

We fixed her brand mission statement by getting clear on why she was doing what she was doing. Then we took a good long look at who her ideal audience would be.

Some of her 1:1 clients weren't right for her brand anymore, so my client started to get strict on who she was going to work with. Realizing that a temporary loss in revenue would pay off in the long run, she now says no to new clients that aren't the right fit, and she doesn't renew contracts with old clients either.


How my client crafted an irresistible offer her new clients couldn't ignore

My client used my social listening techniques to gain insights about her audience. She also used Google Docs to survey them, and the responses were amazing.

Almost all of the people she surveyed wanted the same thing. Once we knew what it was, crafting an offer that was simply irresistible to her audience was a walk in the park.

The final piece of the puzzle to fix her brand foundation was find the right message.


The strategy paid off and my client signed up 11 new clients

After fixing the base, we replaced all the layers.

Only this time we made sure each layer was aligned with her brand essence, brand mission, and brand message. As a result, my client is now crystal clear on who she is trying to attract to her brand, (most importantly) who not to work with, what message she has to put out there to connect to her dream audience and what type of content she should post on Instagram to get the right people to click through.


Breakthroughs and countless ‘A-HA’ moments included

During our 3-month coaching program, my first 1:1 client had countless ‘A-HA’  and 'OMG-feeling-on-top-of-the-world-right-now' moments. She also has the tools to repeat the process and attract more ideal clients to her brand. Lastly, if she needs any support anytime, I'll be there for her. Badass brand babe besties for life.


How you can attract new clients to your brand too

(Download my free brand clarity worksheet here to make the exercise easier.)


  1. Get clear on your brand mission statement. WHY are you motivated to do  WHAT you do?

  2. Get clear on who your ideal audience is, and who not to work with. Don't be afraid to cut out clients that aren't right for your brand.

  3. Find insights about your audience and use them to craft an offer so good they can't ignore it. Use social listening and write down your answers.

  4. Get clear on the problem your brand is trying to solve.


If you would like to work with me 1:1 and get the same results for your brand, why not book yourself in for a FREE Clarity Call? I am a Brand Clarity Coach and I help female entrepreneurs and coaches out of their brand crises, and into total brand clarity. After the program, you’ll be able to attract the ideal clients to your brand with ease too.