How To Find Your Tribe On Instagram In 3 Easy Steps

Are you struggling to find your tribe on Instagram?

And do you feel a teeny-tiny bit jealous of those 10k+ accounts that make it look so easy, and get you wondering “What are they doing that I’m not?”

I’ll tell you what they are doing differently:

they have found the right audience for their brand.

They have figured out exactly WHO THEIR brand is serving, HOW, WHAT and WHY.

  Pin this now, find it again later

Pin this now, find it again later

And that means they don’t just fire out random posts to the wrong audience hoping that one will hit home. Their posts hit the sweet spot with their audience because they understand their audience’s pain points, emotions, values, beliefs, desires, goals and motivations.

Knowing these things mean you can strike gold every time, because you are providing the perfect solution that gets right to the heart of your audience’s problem (that’s what I call the sweet spot).




First you must define who the ideal audience for your brand are….

To do this, you need to understand what current situation your audience is in, what problem they need help solving and how your brand can help them.

For example:

Let’s say your brand is a blog offering advice on how to set up an online business.

Your audience:

Female and male entrepreneurs, aged 20-45, living all over the world, speaking different languages.


How do you define your audience?

Your audience is an ‘entrepreneur’.

  • Think about the mindset and entrepreneur has. It doesn’t matter if they are male or female, or what age necessarily. What connects both genders is the motivation to start a business, to be successful and to make money.
  • Think about the journey an ‘entrepreneur’ goes through building a successful business.
  • The raw emotions, the ups and downs, the small wins, the big losses, the failing, gaining momentum, the tech hiccups, and what the first sale feels like.

So on Instagram your brand could become the ‘cheer-me on’ or ‘the shoulder-to-cry-on’ that connects with entrepreneurs on this rollercoaster journey.

Your brand can hit home with ‘entrepreneurs’ with motivational quotes as pick-me-ups, which tap into emotions an entrepreneur feels when they are feeling down, or to celebrate small wins with them.

  • Then, think about what else an entrepreneur would be interested in - Business advice.

Write Instagram posts about biz advice that add real value. Use your own transformational story to tell your success story. What would it feel like for your audience to achieve the same success?


Find out as many insights about your audience as you can.

The more you know, the better you can connect with the right audience. My technique called ‘The Value Sweet Spot Formula™’ helps to find out as many insights about your audience as possible. In my eBook, Find Your Tribe with the Value Sweet Spot formula™, I’ll show you exactly how I use social listening, my fave tactic, to find the right insights, and how I use the copy written by my audience to reflect their own values back at them.


(You’ll get exactly the same worksheets that I use myself, and they really work).



Once you understand their pain points, frustrations, desires and struggles, it’s easy to find a solution for your audience’s problem that positions your brand right in the sweet spot.


Provide a shortcut to your audience’s problem.

Take your findings from social listening and really look at the problems your audience has. Now think about how your brand could be the solution.


  • What value could your brand offer that would make your audience’s problem go away?
  • How could your brand provide a solution to your audience’s desires or frustrations?
  • What would be the best image and caption to ‘hook’ the right audience in?


Once they are hooked, the real challenge lies in getting your tribe to click on your link and through to your website or blog.

In my eBook I’ll show you how to create the most relevant and valuable content ideas that will get your audience to click through, guaranteed.  


(Remember, it doesn’t matter how many followers you have on Instagram. What matters is to get the right followers, and get them onto your email list as well.)




Instagram, like any platform out there, is very competitive. And the competition is getting stronger every day.

So it’s time to go out and attract the right tribe to your brand.


Create one month's worth of content using your insights from phase 1 and 2.

(use my free content planner worksheet)


Analyse the content that does well and pay attention to what your audience engages with. Use the feedback tracker spreadsheets to collect your findings and keep refining and learning more about your audience from looking at the comments people leave.

The key is to find what works, what sticks, what sparks debates and create more of it.




In my eBook Find Your Tribe with the Value Sweet Spot Formula™  I’m going to show you exactly how to position your brand in the sweet spot with the right audience and the right solution.


Remember! Without your tribe, you don’t have a business.

Simple as that. Stop doing the wrong things that leave your Instagram feed look like a cluttered pawn shop. Start posting consistently, relevant and valuable content and you will start attracting the right audience to your brand.


Are you ready to find your tribe and build a kickass brand on Instagram? Do it.