Free Instagram stock photos to save you time + still make your brand stand out and kick ass

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So, you're just setting up your brand on Instagram and have about a million things on your to-do list. Unfortunately, taking awesome photos for your brand isn't one of them (at the moment).  Maybe you just don't have the right equipment to take high quality photos? Or you simply haven't a clue how to use software and edit your own photos? Perhaps photography really isn't your forte? Or maybe at this stage of your business you can't afford stock photos?

Still, you would love to drive your audience to your brand with some kickass photos that drive your engagement through the roof.  Great. Because you've come to the right place.

I'll be sharing my top 5 performing Instagram photos with you for FREE (Yes, you heard that right, you can download 5 kickass IG photos for free). Also, keep on reading for some tips on how to choose great stock photos.

  Pin it now, find it again later!

Pin it now, find it again later!

When I hear the word 'stock photo', to be honest I start to cringe. Why? Because most stock photos are boring, same same, not inspiring and lacking in personality.

That's why I created my own photos, and today I want to share them with you. Finding the right photos is key to building a kickass brand - and not just on Instagram. You want your photos to be fun, creative and aligned with your brand's personality.

Why finding the right photos for your Instagram account is key to building your brand

Instagram is a visual platform, and people will only engage with your post if the photo has the power to draw the right audience in. Your Instagram photos need to hit the sweet spot with your audience, and get them to stop, read your post, like, leave a comment, and also click through to your website or blog.

Let me share some of my tips with you on how to use stock photos for your Instagram account, and I'll also be giving you my 5 best performing Instagram photos for FREE. (Yup, you can download my own photos for free further down.)

How to choose your stock photos right

Be picky, even with freebie stock photos.

Just because it's free, doesn't mean you should use it for your brand - so don't, unless it's a really good fit. The right photos really help your audience connect with your brand, so with that in mind, here are 5 things to consider when choosing your stock photos:

  1. Does the stock photo fit your brand? Does it have the same aesthetics, the same feel, the same style? You want your stock photos to blend in and not stick out badly compared to the other photos in your feed.
  2. Is the stock photo image closely related to what your brand is talking about/ selling? In other words, do the stock photos show objects or situations you would have shot for your brand yourself?
  3. The right stock photo fits the vibe of your brand. Does this stock photo reflect the same values and views your brand has? Would your audience enjoy this photo rather than hitting the unfollow button?
  4. Is it the right color palette? My images are pink pink, and they only work for your brand if you're using pink too, either as your main color or an accent color.
  5. Does the stock photo have a similar style? In other words, would your audience spot that this isn't your own photo or does it blend in? Is your brand using the same angles and crops? (I try to shoot my photos on a slight angle or no angle at all.)


My 5 highest converting Instagram photos 

I get asked about my Instagram photos a lot.

I feel flattered that people ask about them, or comment on how pretty they are, because I love creating them and always have so much fun (especially eating the doughnuts afterwards... or in between). If you are following me on Instagram you'll know that I regularly share behind the scenes footage in my Insta stories, to show you exactly how it's done (Follow me so you won't miss out).


My stock photos convert as high as 36%

But my photos aren't just pretty pictures - they also convert well.

Usually, around 36% of the people click through from my Instagram account to my website and blog and subscribe to my email list (my free 5 day Insta challenge is SUPER popular). Since I started using high quality and fun photos, my email list is growing on auto-pilot.

And because so many of you have asked me about my photos I decided to share my top 5 with you.

Voila, here are my 5 highest performing Instagram photos (free for you to download) and a few tips on how to use them.

  • I'm using DPD (digital product delivery) to send the file to you because the zip file is 10MB, so be patient when you download your FREE file.
  • Don't get confused that on the cart is says 'Your order', that is a pre-made setting I can't change. Your photos are FREE.
  • Read the rules before you start (all included in your free download folder). Enjoy!
 Hit the 'Checkout' button (Don't worry, it's FREE)

Hit the 'Checkout' button (Don't worry, it's FREE)

 Fill in your name and the email you want me to send your FREE photos to. Hit 'Next'

Fill in your name and the email you want me to send your FREE photos to. Hit 'Next'

 Hit 'Submit order' (It's a free checkout)

Hit 'Submit order' (It's a free checkout)

 Check your email for your download link.

Check your email for your download link.

 Check your emails and hit the big green button.

Check your emails and hit the big green button.

 Hit the 'Download' button to start your download.

Hit the 'Download' button to start your download.

 You'r download has started. Remember girlfriend, your file is 10MB big, so be patient while it downloads.

You'r download has started. Remember girlfriend, your file is 10MB big, so be patient while it downloads.

Free Instagram stock photos for you to download

What to best use your FREE Instagram stock photos for

3 pink Doughnuts: 

This photo works great for #fridayintroduction, or 3 fun facts about my brand, or 3 things you didn't know about me. Don't forget to ask your audience to reveal 3 fun facts about themselves.

My pink desk (this is my actual desk):  This photo is great for behind-the-scenes posts (or anything to do with your work space), to show potential clients how you work, or what you are currently working on. Remember, 70% of people find their next clients on Instagram.

Sitting with laptop on pink: I used this photo to introduce myself to my new tribe members on Instagram, and share some of my brand values plus a valuable tip. But it also works great for introducing your latest blog post, a product or a launch you might be preparing.

Pink doughnut on desk (my favourite): This close-up photo is great to announce a launch and create anticipation. I used it to announce my eBook a couple of times. This photo works really well because it has a clear focal point and draws your eye right in. Likewise, your message needs to be focused as well, with one clear offering.

Donut worry: Great photo to inject some fun into your Instagram feed and have a laugh with your tribe. Maybe you're calling out a specific member of your tribe that needs cheering on and getting the rest of your followers to support her, or you could just use it as a general 'Friday feeling - give a fork' attitude.

Free Instagram stock photos for you to download

If you like my photos and are interested in more, I thought you'd like to know that I'm also thinking of creating pre-made quotes. If you are keen, pop your name on my list here and be amongst the first to hear.


Before we begin your free download, please take a moment to read the rules.

Rules for using my FREE Instagram stock photos

  1. Follow my Instagram account here or go to
  2. You are allowed to use my free stock photos across your Instagram account ONLY.
  3. I would really appreciate it if you could give me credit in return, just like in the example below.

Example: 📷 

My free stock photos are for digital use only

The free stock photos are for digital use only and not allowed for duplication or printing. If you would like to share this with a friend, feel free to forward this link to my blog post


How to space out stock photos right on your Instagram feed

Only use stock photos now and then, because ultimately your IG success lies with how authentic your brand and your photos are. Try to stick to the 1:5 rule, meaning use 1 stock photo for every 5th photo.

Always use high quality stock photos to make your brand look premium.

If you need more help with your visual strategy, check out my course BYBOI - BOOST Your Brand On Instagram. I have an in-depth module about visual story telling (which my students love ).

So go ahead, download your free stock photos and don't forget to credit me. I'd love to connect with you.

Free Instagram stock photos for you to download


Please let me know in the comments: which one is your favorite?

  1. '3 pink doughnuts',
  2. 'Donut worry',
  3. 'My pink desk',
  4. 'Sitting with laptop on pink' or
  5. 'Pink doughnut on desk'?