How I went from business identity crisis to clarity and became unstoppable

Ready for an honest look at how clarity saved my ass? Read this post about my personal journey about how I went from business clueless to biz clarity, attracted clients and cash, and started feeling unstoppable.

When I started my business, I had no clue what I was doing. The first 2 years were an absolute struggle. My biz was all over the place, without a concept, strategy or roadmap. I had no goals, no idea who my audience was, no idea what they needed, and no idea why they’d need me.



Every morning

I dragged myself out of bed, frantically checking my site's statistics to see if 4,000 unique visitors had magically checked out my website overnight, lining up to buy something off my site. But of course, NOBODY was lining up for anything!


With my biz stalling, I became unclear about my brand, quickly hitting a downwards spiral.

I was happy for every distraction that came my way and thankful for every email that landed in my inbox. It's fair to say that I was very 'busy', just to avoid doing the work. Instead of sorting out my own business, I binge-read other people's content. I tarzaned from one blog link to the next in the hope of finding the holiest of holy grails - what I should do with my brand.

Seeing other girls be successful nearly made me throw up

I was surrounded by successful female entrepreneurs and coaches and I thought if I 'copied' what worked for them, maybe it would work for me too.

It didn't, of course. And I ended up wasting nearly 2 years doing the 'wrong' thing, trying to give bloggers advice like a Melissa Griffin or Mariah Coz, despite myself never having been a blogger.

I felt so overwhelmed I couldn't see straight

I realized I had to STOP comparing myself to others and get clarity on what I, Kristin Brause, was good at: What was authentic about me? What was my unique superpower? What could my business offer that would be useful to people?

I was my own worst enemy, self-sabotaging my success

In my head, I came up with a whole list of excuses why it was easier for everybody else to be more successful than me:  "Their niche is so much better than mine.", "Their audience is better" or "That wouldn't work for me."

Although I had helped hundreds of global brands grow, I couldn't build my own

For over 10 years, I worked in some of London's hottest advertising agencies as a creative art director for global brands, but when it came to building my own, I was struggling. The process was just too overwhelming and there were so many things to consider. I struggled the most with getting clarity on what I was good at, and how to market my offer to have an impact on other female entrepreneurs.

I was too close to my USP and assumed everybody was good at marketing, too attached to what I thought I 'should' be doing, too biased about my own business, too afraid to allow myself to make the necessary changes and cut through to my entire brand essence, too much in love with the little branding I had already created and too concerned what people might think if I changed the look of my Instagram posts or my website. I was worried about charging people for any of my products because someone might find similar advice out there for free.


Does that sound true for you? Do you feel too close, too attached, too biased and too in love with your own business, which stops you from seeing things clearly?

I needed help with that first step towards clarity

I invested in coaching. No kidding, I invested in an online coaching program, put in the work (I PUT IN THE WORK LIKE THERE WAS NO TOMORROW!!!) and as a result, I gained clarity.


Coaching gave me clarity:

  • I realized that what I was meant to do was staring me in the face all the time and I just didn't see it.

  • It made me realize that the combination of my background (10 years in some of the world’s best advertising agencies), my passion (brands since the age of five!) and past (growing up in East Germany where we didn't have any brands) was unique and that NOBODY else out there was on the same mission, for the same reasons.

  • I made a massive mistake assuming everybody was good at what I was doing and therefore dismissed that people might need my service, when in fact so many female entrepreneurs can benefit from my experience.

  • I realized that all those years I had been trying to be somebody I'm not, and instead started to focus on my strengths.


"You think only some lucky female entrepreneurs or coaches reach clarity - but that's not true. Everybody can get there with the right approach and the right coach! You just gotta be prepared to put in the work, and partner with a pro who can take you there."


My business after I gained clarity


Now my business and my mindset has completely changed. I now know EXACTLY what I do, what I offer and why people need it. Having total clarity in my biz allows me to do less, but focus on the right things. If you woke me up at 4am to ask me who my audience was, I could describe her. If you asked me what I'm really good at, I could give you a clear answer, without the "Erm... I dunno...hmmmm", or being too afraid to say.


Clarity means total confidence, total control over where your business is going and how successful it is, and more free time because you know exactly what you need to work on and what you don't. Fewer headaches, because you don't need to figure out over and over what your biz is offering and to whom and why. Now that I know where I want my business to go, I can take the right action steps to get there. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.


I don't wake up anymore wondering who I think my niche should be - I know it!

I got rid of the fear of cutting people out of my audience and niche down. Niching down was the scariest, but best, decision ever. It allowed me to get so clear on my audience that I now feel like I understand their problem better than they do, which makes me able to help them. Now that I know who I do and don’t serve, it makes everything SO MUCH EASIER!! I can put myself in my audience's shoes and feel their pain, because I have gone through the same process.


"You are of no use to your audience if you don't know how to help them."

Why so many female entrepreneurs and coaches FAIL

I see so many female entrepreneurs and coaches trying to do it alone, but that's just CRAZY to me.

Although I had 80,000+ hours of experience working with global brands I couldn't build my own.

Even a brand expert like me was struggling. I needed help. Marketing a business is a different skill-set and it takes years to master. It's like you think you can fly an A380 Airbus from London to New York because you've been on an aircraft before as a passenger. If you’d tried to fly it on your own, you’d crash - many times.

My point is, it breaks my heart to see so many talented female entrepreneurs struggling and wasting time and energy trying to figure it out on their own instead of getting help by somebody who can get them there - faster.

I wish I could get back the time I wasted.

And I sincerely mean it, time is the thing I'm most sad about and wish I could have all these wasted years back; the hours where I stayed up all night, the parties I missed out because "I have to work", the birthday parties and pizza nights out when I didn't join my girlfriends because, "I'm busy, sorry". The numerous movies I missed snuggling up on the couch with my boyfriend because "I need to write just that one more thing". These moments never come back.

Let's get clear and then let's get loud about it

As a business and marketing coach, I strip your biz bare until we get to the essence of why you do what you do. This process is intense but absolutely necessary in getting to the bottom of things.

You don't need any fancy baubles like funnels or Facebook ads at the start. Let's get your foundation right first, and then we can go about marketing your business to the right people!

Next, let’s get loud about what your offer. Remember that ALL your marketing efforts are wasted if you don't know what your audience needs help with (believe me).


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