3 Killer Reasons Why Every Coach NEEDS To Have A Signature Offer To Attract Clients

A coach without a signature offer is like a house without foundations. If you don't know what you're a specialist in, it's impossible to market yourself and attract clients.

If you are a business or life coach, health or fitness coach, mindset or spiritual coach, money and finance coach, or a relationship coach (or any other coach), and you are struggling to attract more clients, then let me ask you this:

Why should your dream clients come to YOU?

Fill in the sentence:

"My dream clients come to me because I’m THE expert in  ______________."

Not quite sure what to fill in? You're not alone.

  Pin it now, save it for later!

Pin it now, save it for later!


Most coaches don't have a signature offer because they a) don't know what they should be specializing in b) don't know what their clients really want or c) are lacking the confidence to create a product that is 100% aligned with their passion (because they are afraid to stand out from the crowd).


Here are 3 killer reasons why you need to find your own personal signature offer to attract clients:

Reason #1 - Experts Make More Money

Take your regular family doctor from down the road and compare that with a brain surgeon who works at a specialist clinic.

They both went to the same medical school. They both work long hours. But the family doctor only gets paid a fraction of what the brain surgeon earns, because the competition is fierce, and he isn't the only one on the block. His services are replaceable because many people can do what he does.

Whereas the brain surgeon charges at a much higher rate. He knows he is the only one in the entire state who can do what he does: It would be very difficult for the hospital to find a replacement for him and they NEED him. Patients come from everywhere to get treated by him, and he’s always got a full waiting list. And he gets to pick his own salary, because there’s no competition. The brain surgeon enjoys his job, feels challenged every day and is respected by his colleagues. The family doctor's patients, on the other hand, don't treat him with so much respect. They see him only an ordinary doctor who's doing his job which is to deal with runny noses and colds.

The brain surgeon, however, receives praise from his patients. They even come up to him to express their gratitude for his work. His colleagues respect him, and they would never question his worth. He can ask for more money anytime. But if the family doctor starts charging more, his patients would simply go to a new one down the road. The doctor is trapped, with too much competition, no specific service and a limit on how much he can earn.

The brain surgeon earns way more money and is in control of his life and his free time. He has carved out a niche for himself where he's the expert. The only one who does what he does.


So, who would you rather be, a family doctor or a brain surgeon?


The coaching industry is one of the fastest-growing industries and just topped $1 billion in 2018. The possibilities to make money are huge. But you won't make any money if you stay at 'family doctor' level. You've got to become a brain surgeon.


That’s why I help coaches create their signature offer and market it to the right audience, signing at least 1-2 clients and making $4- $8K per month (or more!!).


Reason #2 - Master The Process. Help More Clients Get Results.

Practice makes perfect. The more you do something over and over, the better you become at it. Therefore if you keep coaching for a specific problem, then over time you'll start to understand your clients better than anyone else. You'll have the insights to tweak and perfect your process until it's foolproof and gets your clients results again and again. And when you know what works, you show up differently for your clients and your business (with a boost to your confidence as a coach and to your bank balance).


Attract Clients By Satisfying Clients

Once you have testimonials from happy customers, your marketing takes care of itself. All you need to do is to use your testimonials strategically as part of your social media marketing strategy, and use your signature offer to attract clients who have the same problem.

Imagine what you could do once you have your process nailed? You could start selling it in online courses or training videos, adding more passive revenue streams to your business. You can increase your prices to $10K (or higher!), working with fewer 1:1 clients, and make more money than ever before in your business, while also having more free time to spend with your family, or actually focus on growing your business.


Successful coaches and entrepreneurs make it look easy.

But they all started out mastering their skills and perfecting their process. And that, of course, didn't happen overnight.

In my case, I've mastered marketing with over 87,000 hours (that's 10+ years) spent working in some of London's top advertising agencies.

But YOU don't have to wait years to find your niche. Because I specialize in helping you find out what your signature offer should be.



Reason #3 - Become Known For ONE Thing, Not Many

Have you ever heard of the saying "He who tries to catch two rabbits catches none."?

The same is true for your offer. Coaches that offer 10 different packages, 3 different group coaching programs, and 5 different VIP sessions all at the same time, not only overwhelm potential clients but look desperate too.

I'd rather work with somebody who does one thing, but well.


Put yourself in your clients' shoes:

Where would you rather order your burger: From a place that does everything, or a burger only place?



For example, I'm a vegetarian and I would rather go to a vegetarian restaurant and pay more, than going to a 5-star restaurant that has a vegetarian dish on the menu. Because although they have 5 stars I know their focus is not on creating an outstanding vegetarian meal, whereas at the vegetarian restaurant I know their focus is 100% on creating tasty veggie meals.

When people don't know what to offer, they tend to offer everything. And when you offer everything, you'll attract everybody. But when you only offer one dish, you'll only attract those people who love that dish.


Why Focusing On ONE Is Better Than A Million.

As I’ve learned from creating big marketing campaigns for global brands, you can only be one thing in your prospect’s mind.

So, your job as a coach is not to do more of everything, but to find the one offer that attracts clients to your business effortlessly. Successful entrepreneurs and coaches do it: they find something that works and then stick to it.

Then they talk about it in their blog posts, Pinterest pins and webinars. And create similar packages and services all
centered around that ONE thing.

When we find what your ONE thing is, I can show you how easy it is to build your marketing campaign around it and make sure you stay top-of-mind with your audience.

For example, after we got clear on her signature offer, I helped a recent client attract 11 new coaching clients to her program. We also created a new category she could be first in, grew her Instagram account by 1,000 followers and created her email list.

Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 14.30.05.png

It all starts with finding that ONE thing for your business first.

Even if you've got no idea what your signature offer should be, I can show you exactly what you need to do and what to say to get your audience jumping on your program. So you can finally start making money with your coaching business.

Let me help you. Ready?