'Make My Brand Instagram Famous' 3 Month Coaching


  • Upleveling and repositioning your brand needs a holistic approach (in advertising we call it a 360 degree campaign) and I am a specialist.
  • The aim of my one-on-one coaching course is to help you create a strong, consistent brand across all channels.
  • For 3 months, I’ll be on hand to answer all your questions, help you overcome any obstacles and guide you into making the right brand decisions.
  • Ultimately, my success will be linked to yours so I will be putting 110% sweat, blood and tears into your brand, just as if it was my own.




A pre-session brand questionnaire package

Before we start our coaching together, I need you to fill out both a self-assessment form and brand assessment form.




12 x 60-90 minute Skype calls

  • Ideal audience: Together we’ll define who your ideal audience really is and their top 5 problems using my social listening technique (learning their struggles so that you can address them with your content)


  • Brand strategy: We’ll work out a strategy that is right for your brand. This is the foundation of your future success, and we’ll spend as much time as necessary get it right.


  • Visual strategy: Drawing on my expertise as an art director working for global brands, I’ll help you create a unique visual strategy for your brand. 

    Having been an art director on global ad campaigns, I know from experience that an image sells better than a thousand words.

    In this crash course, I break down the concept of visual storytelling and reveal the secrets behind how I create my visuals.


  • First we need to make sure that your images have stopping power (or nobody will read your posts).
  • Then we need to select images that tell the right story.
  • Finally, I’ll also share some of my personal secrets with you, like the simple rule of 9 and 3.
  • Once you understand these simple principles, your visual strategy will be a walk in the park. And you’ll totally know how to transform your IG feed into a unique brand experience that helps you sell your products or services*.

    (*You don’t need millions of followers, either: I made my first sales through Instagram with less than 500 followers.)

  • Content strategy: We’ll look at your content, making sure every touchpoint serves your brand, helps sell your products / services and gets you more client bookings. 

    I’ve created award-winning advertising ideas that gain household brands awareness on TV, viral and brand films, event ideas and of course, social media campaigns.

    For you, my creativity has no limit. I can give you content ideas for your brand or help you think of promotional ideas, seasonal post ideas, competitions or mini hashtag campaigns to grow your following.


  • Engagement strategy: Whether your goal is to work with influencers or attract new followers, we’ll create a strategy to make it happen.


  • Social media strategy: Want to go from ‘a brand nobody’s heard of’ to being the famous brand in your industry niche? Surprisingly, the secret is to do less (but better). We’ll set up an uber-efficient social strategy for you.


  • Practical tutorials: Do you need practical tutorials like Adobe Photoshop (to create better graphics) or photography tutorials? I have more than 13 years of experience working in Photoshop, and I use it to make my own templates. I can also teach you how to take better photos, edit images and create graphics that are right for your brand.


  • Email marketing: In order to make your brand famous, we need to work on building your email list as well. I can help you with your email marketing, including the technical side (I’m a huge fan of using ConvertKit) and writing your launch email sequence (based on the one I used to land my first sales).


  • Products and freebies: Brainstorming ideas is my absolute fave thing, and I can help you come up with great products and freebies that boost your IG following and your email list (I’m a firm believer of getting IG followers onto your mailing list from day one).


  • Session recording + session notes: After each session, I’ll email you an audio recording and notes I took during our session. That way, you’ve got my advice ready to hand whenever you need it.


  • Extra-long sessions: I know that time flies when two passionate people get together. That’s why running long sessions is part of my service (and running over time won’t cost a thing extra).


  • Unlimited email support in between: For twelve weeks, you will be my absolute priority. Email me as many many times you want, and I will get back to you in less than 24 hours.




Full control

Need to reschedule our call? No problem. I am using Acuity Scheduling, which means you have full control over our meeting time and can re-schedule any time (and with unlimited changes allowed).

Never miss a session. Simply use the link provided and the changes will be made to your and my calendar.




Femtrepreneur Friends for life

After working together, we will be femtrepreneur buddies. I truly care about brands and the strong women behind them, and once you are on my radar, I will look out for you. I’ll also invite you to become part of my network so we can stay connected during this exciting journey together.


Take the stress, uncertainty and time-wasting out of upleveling your brand now.

If you’ve tried everything and nothing’s worked, then this 3-month program is for you. Instead of feeling lost or overwhelmed, you’ll feel EMPOWERED and strong (a bit like Beyonce) with a dedicated coach who has been there, done that, for over 10 years.


(Spaces are limited!)

Investment: 1,999 GBP



(Please use a currency converter to make sure you are clear on how much the investment is in your currency)