Content Creator PRO

The best leaders delegate...

  • And one of the most common mistakes most female entrepreneurs make when trying to build a brand is to try to do it all themselves.


  • If coming up with content ideas isn’t your forte, it might be time to engage a professional. Outsourcing your content creation will help you spend time on more important things, like growing your business.


  • With me, you get access to a creative professional with years of experience working with startups to world-famous brands. My portfolio of clients covers the full range from pet food to cleaning products, airlines, banks, fashion brands, hair care and beauty products, spirits and social media influencers.


  • Why not let me use all my experience to generate ideas that inspire, excite your followers and increase engagement?
“Kris is a one-off. She’s a live wire. She just gets it. And she’ll come back
to you with a whole heap of creative solutions in about the same time it
takes the average freelance creative to find their way out of your building.

Hire her while you can, I say. Before someone brighter than you does.”
— Trevor Beattie Founder of the multi-award winning advertising agency BMB.

What you get with the Content Creator PRO:



A pre-session brand questionnaire

Fill in my brand questionnaire. Tell me exactly what content you are after and why...


  • Do you need launch ideas for your new product, service or shop?
  • Do you want to run a promotional campaign to boost your brand?
  • Are you looking for ideas for collaborations with influencers?
  • Do you need a hashtag campaign to get your name out there?
  • Do you want to run Facebook ads?


Or perhaps you just need the burden of creating content for the month to be taken off your shoulders, or all the above?


Either way, I can help.



Ideas spreadsheet

After 48 hours, I’ll come back to you with a list of ideas. These will be in the same format that advertising professionals use to present to big clients (with a campaign title and a short explanation). If necessary, I’ll also provide some examples.


Please note: I want to leave you plenty of room for you to add your own creative twist and unique tone of voice (ToV), so I won’t pre-write your posts for you.




1 x 90 minute Skype call

  • During our 90 minute Skype call, I’ll talk you through the ideas and make sure you are fully satisfied and understand everything (your 100% satisfaction is my goal)*.

  • We’ll address your questions and work your suggestions into the ideas. (After all, it’s your list and I’m just here to help you.)

  • We’ll create more ideas via brainstorming.

  • Finally, we will set out actionable steps for you so you’ll walk away from the call with a clear understanding of what to do next.


*Warning: These ideas may also cause excitement and big smiles



Full control

Need to reschedule our call? No problem. I am using Acuity Scheduling, which means you have full control over our meeting time and can re-schedule at any time (with unlimited changes allowed).



I really wanna know how you’re getting on with your content ideas. Have they helped get higher engagement, more followers, the sign-ups you were after? Keep me updated via email.


Femtrepreneur Friends for life

After working together, we will be femtrepreneur buddies. I truly care about brands and the strong women behind them, and once you are on my radar, I will look out for you. I’ll also invite you to become part of my network so we can stay connected on this exciting journey together.




Brand Boss Guarantee

Helping you come up with effective personalized creative ideas is not just a service, it’s a commitment. I’m so confident I can help you gain clarity that you can request a full refund if you feel that I haven’t solved your problem after our session.


Work with me and get ideas that help you make sales

(and make good on your investment in no time.)

Investment: 250 GBP



(Please use a currency converter to make sure you are clear on how much the investment is in your currency)