Find Your Tribe on Instagram with the Value Sweet Spot Formula™.

A step-by-step guide to attract your ideal client to your brand on Instagram.

Do you feel like you don't know who your ideal client is?

Or do you feel you never know what to say and how to say it best to get it out there to reach your ideal audience?

I'll help you define who the ideal audience is for your brand using the 5 core criteria that drive any audience's purchase decision.

This 30+ page e-Book comes with a set of worksheets to help you develop the right content strategy (social listening, problem-solution, feedback tracker, creative mind map).

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"After going through this e-Book I have a clearer understanding of WHO my tribe is HOW to talk to them! Kris taught me some interesting techniques like "social listening" which I have never heard of before; my content now solves the solution my tribe is looking for & my captions better catch their attention because Im using their language. GENIUS! For the price point I couldn't believe the amount of value that I got, it took a me a couple days to go through the whole book and fill out the worksheets as I went along. Its not just a read and put aside e-book, its very hands on and by the end you'll have a really clear focus on who your tribe is and tons of notes to reference back to."  

Chanee Malfavon, Strength & Fitness Coach, chaneemalfavon.com

Online Course

BOOST your Brand on Instagram

This best-seller online course is for Instagram Femtrepreneurs, bloggers and small business owners who want to use Instagram to boost their brand, their followers, their visibility and their business.

I outline the exact same steps and tactics I used to grow my brand from zero to 1k which lead to my first sales through Instagram.


You'll learn:

- How to BOOST your bio

- How to BOOST your visuals

- How to BOOST your content

- How to BOOST your engagement

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"There is so much (often conflicting) info out there on how to make your business work on IG. Before knowing Kris, I suffered from severe overwhelm and felt stuck, wondering why my posts were not performing. Kris has created a course which decluttered my info overload, taught me what is really important and worth my focus, gave me a foolproof plan to apply
I now have peace of mind that I am using my IG time wisely."

Eliza Bulz, Web Design Strategy

Investment: £ 149

Online Course

How to start Building and

Growing your Email List with


Building a strong email list from day one is the backbone of any successful brand.

Since I made the switch to ConvertKit my email list is growing on auto-pilot, every single day.

(It's fair to say I absolutely love ConvertKit and can't recommend it enough.)

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