are you waiting for clients to randomly.png

… because you’re not sure how or don’t know exactly what they need?

  • Is not knowing which niche to pick holding you back from crushing your goals and feeling like you’re living up to your true potential?

  • Are you so full of self-doubt about whether you’ll ever have the right product or service to attract your dream clients that you feel like staying in bed?

  • Have you been putting off launching your products or services because you are scared nobody will buy them, or because deep down you feel like a fraud charging for them?

  • Do you feel like you’ve been offering what you think you ‘should’ be offering (cookie cutter) just because everybody else is doing it, and that you’ve completely neglected to play to your strengths?

  • Have you realized that what you’re selling isn’t working, but you’re afraid to change your offer (even if nobody’s bought it yet)?

  • Or do you feel like, instead of crushing goals like all the other femtrepreneurs in your niche, you’re stuck asking yourself the same questions - like wondering if the foundation of your brand is right?


Because, you’re working your ass off, literally investing every minute of the day into your brand, missing out on dinners with friends or Netflix on the couch with your partner, because you’re stuck behind your laptop trying to figure things out.

You know it, and it sucks, and you are done starting off another year like this! You’ve reached a point where you know things have got to change (or you’ll drive yourself mad).

As a result:

  • You have no money coming in.
  • You accept work from random clients you know aren’t right for your brand, which only leaves you feeling drained.
  • You feel like you’re stuck in limbo, making the same mistakes again and again... and not crushing your goals.

Are you ready to break the cycle, get serious about making your brand a success, start crushing goals and feel like you’re finally doing what you’re meant to do?

If the answer’s YES!, it’s time we break through the mindset blocks that are holding you back from turning your biz into that sexy, profitable brand you’ve always dreamed of.


Welcome to









my 5-week group coaching program for female entrepreneurs* and aspiring coaches* to land your first dream client.


Warning: This course is for action-takers only!

(Because I know just too well from my own experience that you won’t see ANY results if you don’t take action.)



In this 5-week coaching program, I’ll teach you:

  • The secret of how to pick the right niche for your brand (and why it’s not what you think it is!!)

  • A proven formula for figuring out what your clients really need, including knowing where to find these answers. Now you can stop shooting random guesses in the air and finally move forward in your biz.

  • I’ll help you refocus on what your core message should be by finding that ONE thing your brand should be known for, and why you need to give yourself permission to be yourself (Why you can’t be known for many things if you want to be top of mind with your audience, and their go-to brand. Believe me, once you’ll find that ONE thing for you, it’s gonna be the ultimate confidence booster).

  • How to craft an irresistible offer without needing to be a gifted copywriter (I’m not a copywriter and English isn’t even my first language and I still managed to run my biz full time).

  • How to manage your social media, making your offer consistent across all channels, and putting a stop to ‘guessing’ what title you should call yourself (learn the importance of keywords, baby).

  • How to book your dream client (or first ever client!) without having to ‘sell’ anything to them by using a funnel to filter out the ones that are the wrong fit.

I attracted my best clients when I went from assuming what my clients wanted, to actually figuring out what they needed. It enabled me to craft not just a random offer, but the right offer, knowing exactly what results my client needed. And the best bit: When I found my dream client I’d actually ditched all the “cookie cutter” talk and was 100% being myself (it was shocking that all I needed to do was be myself).


I used the same process to sign my first ever coaching client for over $2.7k. (It felt A-MAZ-ING!).


And this very same process can help YOU get unstuck.


Hey I’m Kris your brand coach.

I went from being clueless about how to position myself and what to offer, to booking my first dream client without delay (before I even created my package!). I then helped my client book 11 new clients during our sessions!


With more than 10 years of experience working with global brands, I know how to help brands successfully market themselves, and find the insight they need to hit home with their audience. I love nothing more than helping struggling business owners connect the dots, put a strategy/concept behind your brand and help you achieve their goals.


These 5 weeks you’ll spend working with me are going to completely transform your brand.


And now is the perfect time to hit the ground running in 2018 and start crushing your goals.


Let me help you become this new person that thinks like a GOAL CRUSHER, and give you the right roadmap to hit them.



What’s included in


  • 5 x 120min Skype calls with me and the group, where you can jump in and ask questions to make sure you get your questions answered.

  • A workbook + worksheets.

  • Access to my Facebook group.

  • Unlimited email access to me Mon-Fr 9 - 5.


We are kicking off Thursday, Jan 4th 2018!


Investment: £ 1,200

Are you in?

(Great British Pounds. Please use a currency converter to convert it to your own currency before investing as I am unable to offer refunds due to limited spots.)


Let’s break through your mindset blocks together first, before we put a system in place!



  • Commit to become a goal crusher: Let’s work through the mindset blocks that are holding you back and learn a completely new way of looking at things (this will change your mindset forever!)

  • Establish your brand goals for 2018 and get brand clarity.

  • Go from dreamer to action-taker: Learn how I get stuff done by only putting one task on my list. 



  • How to pick your niche (and why any niche is better than no niche): Learn how I sabotaged my own success by not deciding on a niche. 

  • Why you can’t define your ideal client using traditional methods alone (The 5 core principles that drive any audience’s purchase decisions).



  • Why you are missing out BIG time if you haven’t done social listening yet (how to do it right, and how to make a habit of it)!

  • Why you need to give the market what they need, and not what you want (BIG eye opener).

  • Where to find out what the market really wants using my 'Question technique'.



  • Understand what makes an offer powerful! And discover why you need to ask yourself this ONE question.

  • Why you need to find emotional benefits and hooks, and where to find them.

  • Learn how to write THE most irresistible offer (I share my shocking technique with you)

  • What you DIDN’T know about pricing your offer right (and why you should NEVER charge less than $1,000!!)



  • The funnel you need to convert your ideal clients into paying customers (the same funnel I use).

  • How to market your brand on social. (What is getting their attention?)

  • Book your first client, even before creating your product (How I booked my first coaching client before I had even created my package).

  • BONUS:  Find out which software I use to sell my packages and make bookings a walk in the park

We are kicking off Thursday, Jan 4th 2018!

Are you in? (Spots are limited)