The Heart-Centered Millionaire Mentorship:

With Kristin Brause

A 3-month experience for women who are ready to quit their day job, embody their purpose, and become rich on their own terms


If you had all the money in the world, what would you do?

Sit on a tropical beach sipping Pina Coladas? Maybe for a hot minute.

Get every country stamped in your passport? Of course. #globetrotter

Buy a mansion and fill it with fancy shoes? Definitely.

Also, Leonardo DiCaprio is there. Just because.  


Almost everyone wants to be a millionaire, but money alone doesn’t lead to fulfillment. Once you’ve checked off all the obvious answers from your bucket list, where do you go from there?

Let’s be real: You’ve dreamt about becoming a millionaire since you were a child, but you too felt ‘guilty’ for even just thinking it. Because society teaches us that wanting money or being wealthy is evil, and that only the bad guys get rich.

*Record scratch*

But that’s not true, because you’re not a bad gal. In fact, you don’t have a single bad bone in your body, only one huge heart, filled with love and the desire to help people.

Being a heart-centered millionaire is a commitment to yourself, to show up every day, to learn, to teach, to educate, to inspire, to guide, to support, to push you further than in your wildest dreams.

A heart-centered millionaire never quits because you have a mission to teach others. Quitting on you means quitting on them.

For you, people come first and you know that when you add value, the money will come.

A heart-centered millionaire acts from a place of love, not fear or scarcity.


Not everyone is prepared to do the work and to take the right action to become a heart-centered millionaire.

But you are.

And I’m here to lead the way.


Hey, I’m Kris,

and I help aspiring entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants become heart-centered millionaires doing what they love.

Why am I so passionate about this work? Because I dedicated an entire decade of my life at a high-pressure day job, missing out on birthday parties and nights of sleep so that I could push my own limits to help other people get rich.

I was at the top of my game professionally, working for global brands at some of London’s most notable advertising agencies, landing $50 million contracts, winning the most prestigious awards in the industry and getting featured in the pages of elite publications, but I still felt like something was missing.

It wasn’t about serving the world. It was about lining people’s pockets.

I wanted so much more for myself. And I know you do too.


Being thrilled to get out of bed every day because you get to work on a business you love and live a life of abundance at the same time.

Spending your day serving clients who are crazy about your offer and who can’t wait to lay down the money to hire you.

Putting yourself first. That means saying yes when it feels right and saying no to everybody else. There’s no desperation or people-pleasing here because you’re large and in charge!

Falling back in love with your coaching business again, or finally starting one that lights you up like the sun.

Having the financial and time freedom to be able to explore the world, fly first class, and just say “yes” to treating yourself like the royalty you were born to be.

More joy and less worry, because you know you’ve got a business that can support the lifestyle you want, serve the people your heart is called to serve, and make the money you’ve always dreamed of having.

"I know becoming a heart-centered millionaire might feel like an impossible dream, but I promise you it isn’t. All you need is the right coach and the plan to make it happen."


It doesn’t matter where you are right now, only who you want to become.


I want to help you become a heart-centered millionaire because I don’t want to you stay stuck where you are, feeling unfulfilled, unhappy or broke ONE. MORE. DAY.

Because I believe in you, more than anyone else.


I believe in your mission, your heart that’s made of gold, and your purest intentions to seriously help people. I know how deeply you care for other people and how much it hurts to stay stuck where you are, whether that’s in your day job or stalled out trying to make it as a coach.

  • I want you to walk past the shop window and be able to go in and afford whatever you see in the window rather than trying to be ‘sensible,’ because you don’t know where the money is coming from this month.
  • I want you to commit to be successful, see the rewards and be on your way to be earning 5, 6, or 7 figures because that’s exactly what I want too!
  • I want to help you get your business and your mindset unstuck and create the right offer for you to get you closer to becoming a heart-centered millionaire.
  • I want to help you get rich, because being rich means you can create more, help more people, live the abundant life, worry free.

The Heart-Centered Millionaire Mentorship is the premiere, 1-1 coaching program for women who are ready to quit their day job, embody their purpose, and become rich on their own terms

This business-building, revenue-generating, world-changing program is meant for you if you’re:

  • So beyond ready to quit that soul-sucking 9-5 and start a successful coaching or service-based business that allows you to truly be yourself and get paid well for it

  • Or you already have a coaching business, but it’s not as profitable, fulfilling or fun as you hoped it would be, and you’re ready for some significant quantum leaping

  • Seriously driven to get your clients gob-smacking, mind-blowing, never-in-their-wildest dreams levels of results (I can feel your fire under your belly)

How do we take you from where you are now to heart-centered millionaire in charge of her own life, her own mindset, her own business and her own bank account?


Heart-centered millionaire mastery #1

Your niche


Does your business feel more like the struggle bus than an endorphin-producing joy ride? That’s because you’re in the wrong niche, and your soul is yelling STOP!

I seriously believe everything starts with finding your niche. Once you get crystal clear on who you’re meant to serve (and believe me, it’s easier than you think!), everything else falls into place.

Not only will you wake up loving what you do, but you’ll want to market your product because you know that your service will make a difference and it’s your duty to get it out to people.


Heart-centered millionaire mastery #2

Your offer


Once you know WHO you’re meant to serve, it’s time to design the perfect WAY to serve them. We’ll hone in on the best way to package your service so it speaks volumes to your ideal client and makes them want to bust down the door to hire you.

The truth is, if you have a killer offer, you don't need a large audience or worry about social media, really. If you have an offer so good that it gets your clients' results, it will go viral on its own.

That’s why we’re going to dive deep into creating an offer that actually gives your clients the sort of epic results they’ve been wishing for their whole lives. (This is the part that most people skip over, but it’s also the one that will make the biggest difference to your audience.)


Heart-centered millionaire mastery #3

Your authentic story


Your authentic story is the key to marketing your service in a way that not only attracts your perfect clients, but also inspires those who are lucky enough to hear it.

There’s a story on your heart that’s waiting to be told, and you’re the only one who can share it. Once you understand how to bring your story to life, every single bit of content you put out from here until infinity will be infused with your personality, your magic and your expertise.


Heart-centered millionaire mastery #4

Your mindset


It’s time to think about money in a whole new way — not just as a way to pay the bills but as a vehicle for good.

You’ll release old limiting beliefs, patterns and thoughts that are secretly sabotaging your ability to earn and blocking out all of the potential income that’s within your reach.

You’ll heal old stories about money and learn how to redefine what it means to be rich, on your terms, free of judgement, shame and guilt, and you’ll discover how to permanently shift your standards around money so that you can attract more in than you ever have before.


After these 12 weeks, you’ll be able to:

  • Finally decide on your niche and your offer to attract more clients

  • Create the right program for you that is 110% aligned with who you want to be

  • Get the word out about your business, market your program to the right people and start instantly making cash to get closer to your goal of becoming a heart-centered millionnaire.

  • Build the right funnel for you to attract and convert your clients.

  • Book more strategy sessions, because the more calls you make, the more sales you make (it’s just simple math)

  • Achieve your OWN version of success and freedom

  • Know exactly what you need to say, offer and how to market yourself so you can attract more clients easier.

  • Become a better coach who’s focused on results as much as she’s focused on revenue

  • Think bigger, shift your mindset and expect you to show up committed, every day in a way you never thought possible!

The investment for the Heart-Centered Millionaire Mentorship is $5K

Becoming a heart-centered millionaire is within your control, but you have to take the first step.