This is not a diet – it’s a lifestyle change

Hey, I'm Kris your ordinary girl (36), occasional runner, doughnut lover... NOT a fitness fanatic.


This was the day I decided to change my life.

Look at the photo of me on the right, which was taken on my birthday July 11, 2018. It's the only photo taken of me that day and I didn't even post it because I didn't feel confident or sexy, hated my hair and my clothes (which I only wore because I felt big and sluggish and wanted to cover up). I honestly did not feel good in my skin AT ALL πŸ˜”.

Not only was I tired of not feeling good, sexy and confident in my own skin, but I was tired of feeling tired all the time (I'm a vegetarian and I’m constantly tired). I was also tired of gradually putting weight on my bum and my thighs and not being able to shake it off. Yes, I'm petite on the torso but believe me, my bottom half is a different story. My jeans kept getting tighter and tighter, my hair and skin were dull, my eyes tired and so I decided: enough is enough!

That day I decided to change myself, and my health, and literally become the woman who I wanted to be ❀️.

Even though it’s only day 5 of my 30-day cleanse, I’m already starting to feel like me again!! πŸ˜€πŸŒΏ So much energy!!

And look at the difference now:

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 17.06.51.png

So far I've: 

πŸ’« Lost over 1 kilo. 
πŸ’« Had the best night sleep ever.
πŸ’« Had none of the usual headaches or fatique.
πŸ’« My skin is more radiating (to a point where people compliment me on it).
πŸ’« Seriously toned up my body. 
πŸ’« Seen my belly become flat.
πŸ’« Got rid of that bloated feeling. 
(Yesterday, I even went without coffee for the FIRST time!!! β˜•)

  My pants after day 2!

My pants after day 2!

What would your life be like if you... could fit into your jeans again, got that sexy feeling back, started to love looking at yourself again, and were able to say bye-bye baggy clothes?

These are my pants after 2 days!!

I honestly had to put them away and will donate them to a charity shop or something because they aren't going to fit again, ever.



And then this really blew my mind...

Today I took this photo, because I was curious if I could already see a transformation. I COULDN'T believe my eyes.., this is after 1 week!!

  My transformation after just one week!!

My transformation after just one week!!



- I saved around A$ 160 on my weekly grocery bill (I haven’t been shopping)

- No washing up, which means I can get behind my laptop again faster to work on my business

- I feel like me again, without having a bloated belly.

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