“I believe that I can BE, DO and HAVE everything I want, and thanks to my Power Bundle I know what action I need to take to get there.” 

 -Kristin Brause


Do you want to make increasing your focus, clarity and productivity part of your daily routine?


Then my

Power Bundle

is for you.


To make your dreams a reality, you need your mindset and your actions to match. Without the right actions, your dreams will always stay dreams.

These powerful journal and affirmation worksheets not only help you improve your mindset, but they also give you clarity on which action you need to take.

I never used to journal, and now I can’t start the day without it. But I don’t just journal: I journal strategically to guide my thoughts around areas of my business that are crucial to increase my impact and income.

It’s a seriously strong combination, one which will make you more productive and get you better results just like it did for me. You have to try it to believe it!



What's included in the bundle:

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 12.44.03.png
  • Free 30 minute training video on how I use my worksheets to get the best results and how you should do it too (this video alone is worth the investment).
  • Choose between two designs (black and white, easy-on-your-printer version or a colorful design).

  • Get unlimited access to reprints (one lifetime investment).
  • Get my very own personal affirmations as guidance to help you write yours (get my very own personal and private affirmations I read out twice a day).


These worksheets are seriously powerful when combined with your daily routine. Because not only do they help you transform your mindset, but they also help you to figure out what action you need to take to achieve your goals.

"I noticed a shift in my mindset after just a week and now I’m hooked on using my power journal every day. Since I began following this morning-and-evening routine I have increased my productivity and focus, generating more passive income than ever before! Plus, I’ve found the confidence to go for my dreams free from guilt."

Discover the Power Bundle for yourself!

$25 USD