• Is your brand all over the place and you feel a bit clueless about how to move forward or what to do first?

  • Does it bother you that your brand just doesn’t feel cohesive, either in terms of your posts or your look on social media, but every other brand around you does?

  • Do you feel a little bit out of your comfort zone with all this marketing jargon that’s totally new territory for you?

  • Are you fed up of feeling overwhelmed to push out just that one social media post because you don’t know what to say?

  • Do you feel like every day you keep struggling with the same fundamental questions about your brand, like “Is is right to do it like this or that?”, rather than investing your time to actually growit?

  • Are you frustrated because the mission you once set out to be fun has now turned into a bit of a nightmare, and you’re struggling to see how it’s gonna pan out??

  • BUT, at the same time you’re sooo ready to become theunstoppable badass brand babe you’ve always dreamed of?



... if you gained TOTAL brand clarity in just 12 easy peasy coaching sessions that leave you feel like a badass brand babe and marketing guru you’re meant to be.


Ready for some A-HA moments, major breakthroughs and endless brand clarity?


My name is Kristin Brause, I’m a brand clarity coach and obsessed with helping female entrepreneurs and coaches build rock-solid foundations that attract dream clients to your brand like doughnuts and Homer Simpson.

I know you’ve really wanted to crack this nut on your own and you’re not taking it lightly calling in help. but you’ve realized you can’t keep going like this.


You have to get a grip on this now...

… because if you keep doing what isn’t working you’ll either run out of time or money.


You’re freaking awesome at what you do, but nobody’s taught you how to build or market a brand. And you feel a little bit like a fish out of the water.

You NEED a proper strategy big time, because whatever you’re doing is not getting you results.

  • Your dream clients don’t know your brand even exists and you’re #feelinginvisible as a brand babe and businesswoman.
  • On top, you’re not hitting your cash goals you said you would(and run the risk of being caught out by your boyfriend or family) or getting the brand recognition you need in order to grow BIG.
  • You’re finally ready to outsource your headaches, hand over to a professional and surrender to the universe to do it’s woo-woo stuff.


Alright, I’ve gotcha;  it’s time to uplevel your brand, your mindset, your biz and your life:




  1. First, let’s get clear on who your brand is, what values you cherish, why you do what you do, who you’re helping and what you want your brand to be known for.
  2. Then I help you get loud about it with a badass marketing strategy that gets the right crowd listening to what your brand has to offer, guaranteed. I help you get eyeballs on your brand, prospects clicking through to your website, followers from IG and onto your mailing list and perfect clients lining up to work with you.


Let’s get your brand to a state of clarity where everything flows (in your brand, your business and your personal life).


I’ll take you:


From grumpy and clueless to glued-on feeling badass.


From foggy to crystal clear about who your ideal client is (and why you need to STOP engaging with the wrong people).


From unclear to certain about what your clients NEED and how exactly your brand can help them.


From ‘No’ to ‘YES YES YES’. I help you craft the irresistible offer that makes working with you a no-brainer for your clients (learn my killer social listening technique to write copy that gets right under your clients’ skins).


From clueless how to market yourself to ruthlessly marketing your brand to the right audience strategically. (I’ll show you why your brand can only be known for ONE thing when it comes to marketing and I’ll help you find yours! Once you know what that ONE thing is, you want to shout it over the rooftops, believe me, making your marketing as easy and fun as eating cake (or doughnuts). And all whilst your brand stays CO-HE-SIVE as!)


From a brand nobody's heard of to being the brand people wanna work with. Ready to boost your brands recognition online? I’ll show you my secret trick to make your brand top of mind with your audience (so that when they are ready to buy, they’ll think of your brand FIRST.) Ka-ching!


From blocks about how to make your vision a reality to a kickass goal-crusher mindset. I help you break through stubborn mindset blocks that are holding you back reaching for those bigger, better, bolder dreams you’re meant to reach (I share my mindset work with you that landed my first dream client literally overnight).


From Instagram nay! to Instagram YAY! Are you a fan of the ‘gram but not sure how to use it to market your brand? Let me show you how to build a consistent, recognizable (and searchable!) brand on IG that will send your brand through the stratosphere (why everyone’s gotten the visual storytelling aspect wrong and how to do it RIGHT)  “The visual storytelling module is AMAZING!!”


A strategy combined with brand clarity becomes your most powerful tool to attract dream clients to your brand.


Because, you can’t build a badass brand on weak foundations.


I’ll help you build a rock-solid foundation for your brand that’s built to last.

So are you ready to kick ass?


Investment: A$7,999 AUD 

Get a lot of BANG for your buck


For A$7,999 (payment plans available) you’ll get access to me 1:1 as your private brand clarity coach, mentor, business gal, marketing guru and femtrepreneur badass buddy.


During our 3-month together YOU and YOUR brand are my number one top priority. I’m here to support and guide you so you can transforminto the badass brand babe you’re meant to be.


(Please note that this course is priced in AUD, Australian Dollar, and that the conversion rate to your currency might vary. PLEASE use a currency converter before you decide to purchase to make sure you are happy with the conversion rate that you will get charged.)