What If You Could Find Your Unique Marketing Angle In 10 Minutes 
Or Less?
Many Ecom brands understand the importance of having a USP - Unique Selling Proposition - but there’s a huge problem... 
Most of them don't know what their USP is 
or how to find it.


  • they don’t know what makes their E-commerce brand different and are struggling to write the right marketing message.
  • they are worried they exclude customers if they only stand for “one” thing.  
  • ​they google how to find their USP but too many different approaches leave them feeling overwhelmed.
  • ​they follow the gurus' advice to “copy” marketing angles they see working for competitors but only end up wasting money on ads without being profitable.

Ecom brands struggle to find their USP because they're using an outdated way.

I’ve found a NEW way to help Ecom brands find it:


A 3 step System for

  • E-commerce brands
  • ​Shopify and Clickfunnels stores
  • Physical and digital products
  • Brick and mortar businesses with zero digital footprints who want to start an ​e-commerce store but don't know how to position themselves online

A Blueprint to Find 
Your Marketing Angle

The fastest way to position your brand

A Framework to help you find what to say


  • MOST ECOM BRANDS FAIL TO GENERATE SALES BECAUSE THEY DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY TO MARKET THEMSELVES. ​This process helps you find your unique marketing angle to stand out


Imagine how different your e-commerce brand would be if you had customers come to you because they remember you for the “one” thing.

And creating ads doesn’t take all day anymore because you know exactly what to say to market your brand online.

How much faster could you grow your ecom brand if you knew how to write content that encapsulates what your brand stands for?

And because you're so clear now in your marketing message you attract customers that want to buy from your store over someone else's.

You finally found THE edge that distinguishes you from the competition and you know how to communicate that with your audience.

How would your E-COMMERCE BUSINESS be different if you could:

  • Market your ecom brand without second-guessing yourself because now you know what makes your brand different
  • ​Easily describe the core of what your brand does and lastly appeal to the right target audience
  • Confidently tell customers online why your products are different that makes it a no-brainer to buy from your store
  • Position your e-commerce brand in a unique and authentic way that is untouchable for competitors
  • ​​Stand out from the crowd with a distinctive edge that your customers can't help but remember
  • Become the go-to place for your customers because they see you as the expert brand they can trust
  • ​Write ad copy without the headache because you know exactly what to say and what not to say to generate sales

You feel like a little fish in a big pond, not knowing which direction to swim... you’ve tried different marketing anglEs, increased your ads budget, spent hours (days?) redesigning your store but you have absolutely no idea what to say in your marketing message. 

You’re not feeling confident about marketing your brand because you don’t know what’s different about it or why customers should buy from you.

You’re agonizing over trying to come up with something totally unique to say about your brand and that’s why you’re getting stuck with your USP every time to sit down with a pen and notepad to “find” it.

You don’t have any more time or money to waste on things that aren’t working, like improving your branding, your fancy store, tools to spy on ads.

There’s a secret behind why some ecom brands are market leaders, constantly attracting new customers while growing their following, without worrying what to say in their posts or stressing about what to say in their marketing message.

It’s time you find out the one thing they are doing differently.

Eliza B.
Web Design
"OMG, massive thanks!!! So so very helpful, you pinpointed the exact places where I was stuck, really career changing advice!

I got a lot of clarity on my USP and the mistakes & beliefs that were holding me back. I know exactly what I need to focus on to build my new business.

Kris is an absolute brand boss & has so much relevant expertise to share that would normally cost a LOT $$$$$$$$. She is just the person to guide you if you are serious about upleveling your online presence and converting your followers into sales!"

Unlike RANDOM questions to find your usp you’ll find online, the 10 Minute USP Blueprint is a simple framework the world's leading brands use.

Never worry about how to market your brand online, because you just don’t know how to position yourself. Do you stand for this or that…? 

Put an end to struggling with your marketing angle every day

Stand out from the crowd with...

  • an edge that distinguishes your ecom brand and sets you apart from the competition
  • a marketing message that hits the spot with your customers
  • ​a USP that helps generates sales consistently

... for only $27!

Rob W.
"Kris helped me develop a marketing strategy and a name for a white label product I’m working on. I really didn’t know what I didn’t know when it came to that sort of thing. I was just trying to come up with a cool name that had broad appeal. She prompted me to think deeper about who my audience was, what values those people have, and how my product can represent and appeal to those values.

Excited for launch and excited to have her teach me more."


  • I live and breathe brands since the age of 5.
  • This system is the same system I’ve learnt from working for over 100+ global brands in some of London’s top advertising agencies in London. 
  • ​They say it takes 10.000 to become an expert. I spent more than 87,000 hours (that’s more than 10 years) working for global brands.
  • ​I won awards for my work and loved every minute of my job.
  • ​Helped global brands sell millions worth of products.
  • ​Won a $50 million dollar brand with one strategy.
  • ​Building my own brand in the health and fitness niche, which I'm super excited about.

Hey, I'm Kris!

The ecom brand girl and consultant for e-commerce brands.

I grew up in East Germany where we didn’t have brands. But I had an uncle in West Germany who would secretly send me toys and chocolate over the border when I was 5 years old

From an early age, brands had a huge impact on me and that’s how I got obsessed with them. Brands stood out and made me feel I belong. And that feeling stuck with me. They have fascinated me ever since and when the Wall came down I made it my career to work with brands from Nike to Adidas to BMW.

I believe brands make the world a more confident place because they give people a "home" to belong to. It’s my mission to help people build meaningful brands like Nike or Apple.

I believe finding your USP doesn’t have to be difficult or reserved for expensive branding agencies. Rather than it being this mystified process, I want to show you how the big brands come up with their USP - which is simple.

How do I know? I’ve worked for well over 100 global brands and hundreds of USP and I know, your USP is the foundation your entire marketing strategy is built on. 

And with my system, you can find it!

Some Brands I've Worked With

"Kris is a one-off. She's a live wire. She just gets it. And she'll come back
to you with a whole heap of creative marketing solutions in about the same time it
takes the average freelance creative to find their way out of your building.

Hire her while you can, I say. Before someone brighter than you does."

Trevor Beattie

Founder of the multi-award winning advertising agency BMB

"OMG thank you so much I am totally inspired Kristin and feel a lot of weight of my shoulders - can’t wait
to build on my new instagram feed. I can already make a start on it tomorrow 👍🏻👌🏻😀 
Looks like you have got me hooked girl 💕!"

Elsje E.


  • want to save time writing your ad copy knowing you’ve got the right marketing angle
  • ​are looking for an easier way to find your USP, rather than sifting through endless blog posts
  • ​are done feeling stuck and overwhelmed trying to figure out how to market your brand
  • ​want to feel confident knowing how you want to position your ecom brand online
  • ​want to build a meaningful brand and get your products into the hands of more customers

Money back guarantee

I'm super proud to bring you this new, simple way to find your USP that I've used to help many brands find their unique marketing angle. And I want this to help you too!

But if for some reason if you're not happy with your purchase then I'll happily give you your money back.

Just let me know why you feel it doesn't work for you, what's missing or how I could improve it to make it work better for you up to 7 days after your purchase.
Kris x

Lock in this offer now and Find your edge
because the truth is...

if you don't know what makes your product different and are able to communicate that, 
your customers won't know why they should buy from you.

A brand with a better marketing angle will always outsell a better product.


  • Discover what really makes your brand or products different from the competition
  • Understand how your competitors are positioned around you and spot the gap
  • Find out how your brand can stand out even if you feel your niche is crowded

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