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But wait - there is something else you might like..


  • How much would it help you if I talked you through personally, how YOU can use the e-Book to find your tribe?

  • What if I explained to you my tactics outlined in the book, in person over Skype?

  • How would you feel if I shared my tips and secrets, that I haven't shared in the e-Book, with you personally?


    As a thank you for buying my e-Book I'm offering you a free 30-minute 'Find Your Tribe' session.

In the session, I will help you:

  • Get clarity on who your tribe really is.
  • Understand how to find your tribe (using my strategies outlined in the book).
  • Empower you how to use the tactics over and over, when you need to.
I love your attitude & outlook on life and you’re the best brand coach EVER!
— Chanee Malfavon

This session is exclusively available to those who purchased my e-Book.


Why a free session?

I don't know about you, but sometimes it's just so much easier when a friend tells you about something, than you reading it yourself, right? Exactly! And I want YOU to really understand how you can find your tribe on Instagram. Because once you understand the 'Value Sweet Spot Formula™' you can use it across all your social media.