Building a brand can be tough

But you don’t have to go it alone!

Hire me and get access to over ten years of experience working with some of the world’s leading brands - just without the hefty price tag.

brand clarity session.png

Investment: £180

You once had a clear idea, knew your purpose and mission. But now everything has got a bit blurry, and you’ve got loads of questions buzzing about your head.

Like: Who is your ideal audience? Is your message clear? How should you position your brand right in your niche?

You’ve gotten so tangled up with all the details that you’re losing sight of the bigger picture, and you’re beginning to feel overwhelmed.

As the initial excitement fades away, your passion project is turning into a nightmare.

But hey, don’t panic. Maybe all you need a second pair of eyes: Someone who gets what you are trying to do, gives you direction and helps you see clearly again?

Let me help you connect the dots and give you brand clarity in just one session.


Content Creator PRO

Investment: £250

Every second day you experience the same problem: ‘What shall I post on Instagram today?’ Face it - you simply don’t have the time (or the inspiration) to come up with quality content that actively grows your brand.

So why not let me do the brainstorming for you instead? Not only do I LOOOVE coming up with ideas, but I’m a creativity machine. I’ve created award-winning advertising ideas that gain household brands awareness on TV, viral and brand films, event ideas and of course, social media campaigns.

For you, my creativity has no limit. I can give you content ideas for your brand or help you think of promotional ideas, seasonal post ideas, competitions or mini hashtag campaigns to grow your following.

Simply fill in my brand questionnaire telling me exactly what you want to achieve, and then lie back and let me do the hard work for you. After 48 hours, I’ll come back to you with more ideas than you ever could have imagined.

Just think about how much time this could save you!

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‘The Art of Visual Storytelling’ Crash Course

Investment: £250

Are you struggling with visuals for your brand on IG?

Is your feed looking inconsistent, uncreative or just like everybody else's in your niche?

Have all your attempts to create the perfect visuals only left your profile looking like a big hot mess, and you’re still not 100% sure what your audience likes?

Yet other accounts make it look so effortless! If only you could create the same for your brand, it would help boost your business and your confidence massively.

If so, let me take you on a crash course in the art of visual storytelling on Instagram. As an art director, visuals are my passion. I’ll not only give you a look behind the scenes of my feed, but I’ll also teach you what to look out for when laying out your visuals*.

*AHA! moments guaranteed.

So, are you prepared to dramatically up your visual strategy game? It’s a time to make your IG feed the real thing.

make my brand IG famous.png

3-month 1:1 coaching

Investment: £1999

You are busy and successful. Running your business is a full-time job, and from the outside, everything is looking perfect. But still you can’t shake off that feeling that you’ve outgrown your own brand.

You want more. Actually, a lot more - now you want your brand, well, to be famous.

And you also know that in order to work with those global influencer brands you’ve always dreamed of collaborating with, you need to uplevel first.

Right now you’ve got ideas, but a) you simply don’t have the time to think everything through and do the research, and b) you’re nervous about taking the next big step because your reputation is on the line.

You’ve been there and done that with those trial and error days, and now your brand is already up and running serving clients. You just need to keep those things running smoothly while you push your brand to the next level.

If so, this all-in-one package could be tailor-made for you. You’ll get a unique brand strategy (including a visual + content + engagement strategy) that will help your brand get the fame you crave.

Let me take care of your brand while you take care of your business.

The BEST coach in the world. I feel like I had such a big break through yesterday!!
— Chanee Malfavon, Strength & Fitness Coach